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Selichot at Adas Israel
A Moving Experience of Preparation and Song

This Saturday, September 21 @ 9:30pm
The Selichot service is the perfect way to prepare for the Jewish new year and for the approaching Days of Awe. Several days before Rosh Hashanah, Jews around the world begin to recite the Selichot, a beautiful series of penitential prayers and meaningful liturgy. This tradition invites us to open ourselves up to the essential work of the High Holy Days: the process of repair and return, of acknowledgement and longing. Please join the community for a warm evening of personal reflection through song, text, and sharing our own stories.
An Evening of High Holy Day Niggunim
With Rabbis Holtzblatt, Alexander and Krinsky

This Tuesday, September 24 @ 7:30pm Register Here
Join Rabbis Lauren Holtzblatt, Aaron Alexander, and Sarah Krinsky for a tisch-like evening of kavannot (short teachings/ meditations) and preparation as we approach the High Holy Days. Get into the spirit of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with words of inspiration and niggunim (wordless melodies). The perfect way to prepare for the spiritual heights of the Days of Awe.
​From You & Me, To We
High Holy Day Preparation Class with Rabbi Alexander
This Saturday, September 21 @ 1pm, After Kiddush
Join us this Saturday in the Biran Beit Midrash for a special High Holy Day Preparation class, From You & Me, To We: The Cosmically Thick Connection Between Prayer Leaders and Pray--ers… and how Jewish law supports it! After Kiddush, Rabbi Alexander will lead a textual exploration in Jewish Law related to this core High Holy Day theme. No text experience necessary—all are welcome! 
Traditional Egalitarian Minyan Shabbat Service
This Friday, September 20 @ 6:30pm
Come lend your voices and welcome Shabbat with us, at a spirited, traditional Friday night davening. Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv are followed by a delicious, register-in-advance Shabbat dinner that includes blessings before the meal, zemirot and benching. Singles, families, teens and empty nesters are all welcome.
New! Expanded Shabbat Morning Youth Services at Adas Israel
Saturday Mornings, Beginning @ 10am 
Click here to view a list of offerings

We are blessed to have so many families in our community. Children, like adults, can feel drawn towards different modalities of prayer, learning and Shabbat. To that end, we are excited to share with you our new and expanded pilot programming for Shabbat mornings. It is our hope that this variety of offerings will enable our children and their grown-ups to engage in meaningful, communal experiences over Shabbat.
The Adas Fund 2019, Inspired By Our Social Action Committee
Please Give to the Congregation's Only Annual Campaign
The Adas Fund is our congregation's only annual campaign. It is the engine that drives all of the meaningful work of our community. This year’s campaign is inspired by the work of our Social Action Committee, and supports all of our activities at Adas. The Committee is comprised of teams focused on some of the pressing issues facing us today. Please join them as we demonstrate our gratitude for the many personal and family journeys Adas Israel’s members, clergy, and staff inspire. Please do give something today, and make everything possible. Thank you for your support! 
Announcing New 2019-2020 MakomDC Season: The Way In
Learning, Living and Exploring in Adas Israel's Biran Beit Midrash

Click here for the full schedule of our upcoming year!
There’s always a way in to Jewish learning. This year we intend to capture the passion and expertise of our core teachers and offer topics in text learning that will inspire deep learning, generate new knowledge, and open up critical conversation. Each month, for the first three Tuesday evenings, a rabbi (Holtzblatt, Alexander, Krinsky, Yolkut) will offer a 3-part mini-series that will tackle essential subjects in Judaism, with close attention to the textual tradition that inspires so much of Jewish life today.
Intro to Judaism 
September 18, 2019 - April 1, 2020 Register Here
Are you interested in exploring the Jewish tradition from the ground up, with master Jewish teachers? Are you looking to deepen your experience of God and prayer into the rhythm of your life? This 23-week course is designed to give you the raw materials with which to appreciate and access the Jewish tradition. Whatever it is you may be seeking, we offer a safe space for acquiring the experiential and intellectual knowledge that allow you to deepen your own religious life.  
WellBodies—A Course in Embodied Judaism
Briyut: A new initiative of JMCW and Hesed
Today, Wednesday, September 18 at 11:30am Register Here
What does it mean to live in your body? What does it mean to live in a Jewish body? WellBodies is a monthly program that delves into body-related topics such as healthy boundaries, food and eating, growth and aging, disability wisdom, and sexuality—all through the lens of Jewish text and ritual.  This month, we’ll learn about the embodied spirituality of food with Jodi Balis, food ritualist and founder of Red Lentil Consulting. Each session will include lunch, a presentation, and an interactive component. For all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Join us--all you need is your body! 
Rosh Hashanah Meal Match
Adas Israel Member Connector Committee 
If you have room at your Rosh Hashanah table Please Click Here
If you are looking for a Rosh Hashanah meal to attend Click Here

Let's bring in the new year with sweetness and new friendship! This year, Adas Israel’s Member Connector Committee is having a meal match for Rosh Hashanah. We are looking for members who either have room at their Rosh Hashanah table and would like to fulfill the mitzvah of hospitality, or community members looking for a meal to attend. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a seat for everyone, but we will do our best. Please contact the Member Connector Committee chair, Healey Sutton, with any questions. Responses are requested no later than Friday, September 20. 
Adas (in) Israel Summer 2020
Interested in joining us? Click Here to Learn More & Register
Rabbis Lauren Holtzblatt & Aaron Alexander, Cantor Arianne Brown, and our Israel Engagement Task Force enthusiastically invite you to join us for an unforgettable exploration of Israel, with our own Adas clergy and community members. For first-timers and experienced Israel-travelers alike, this is your opportunity to encounter Israel through the lens of our sacred and diverse Adas Israel community, and through various high-impact, multi-day experiences of your choosing unique to Adas participants.
Adas Israel Sisterhood; We've Got An Incredible Year Ahead!
Click Here to Become a Member for the 2019-2020 Year
We are so excited about this coming year of Sisterhood. Our community of Sisterhood and the bonds of friendship that are formed through membership are invaluable. Adas Israel Sisterhood embraces women of all ages and stages of life. There is something of interest for everyone - study, mitzvot, or just plain socializing - in small group settings and in large-scale gatherings. Your participation, ideas, and friendship are welcome. We’d love for you to join us!
Order your Lulav & Etrog Set for Sukkot
Click Here to Order Your Lulav and Etrog Online!
"…and you shall take the fruit of goodly trees… and rejoice before the Lord your God." We encourage you to order your Lulav and Etrog ($40 per set) in preparation for the festive observance of the Sukkot holiday. Because the brachot (blessings) for the lulav and the etrog are to be recited on six of the nine days (not Shabbat) of this festival period, and because these harvest symbols do so much to enhance the home, many families purchase them for home use. Deadline to order is September 23rd. 
Days for Girls Initiative 
This Sunday, September 22 @ 2pm - 5pm Register Here
Days for Girls is an organization that provides menstrual care products and education to young girls in developing countries. We will bring together a group of volunteers on September 22nd; your donations in advance to purchase the necessary materials will make this event possible. If you can sew, pin, iron, cut, and unpackage please join us on September 22nd. If you’d like to make a donation in any amount, please click here. Any donations not used for this event will be contributed to the Rockville Days for Girls chapter. On behalf of the  girls and women for whom we are making these kits, thank you so much in advance for your support.
Don’t Go Breaking the Bank: Protecting Adult Clients from Scams
In Collaboration with the Hesed Committee

This Thursday, September 19 @ 9:30am Register Here
Join us for this important seminar led by Charles E. Smith Life Communities in collaboration with the Adas Israel Hesed Committee. Elder financial scams cost older adults $37 billion dollars a year. Discover why older adults are specifically targeted for financial exploitation and learn prevention tips to safeguard your clients’ assets. Join us for this breakfast seminar especially for financial planners, estate planning attorneys and anyone working with the finances of older adults.

This Shabbat Learn more about Shabbat
Friday, September 20
Candle Lighting: 6:50pm
10:00am; Biran Beit Midrash
5:30pm; Gewirz Beit Am

6:15pm; Kay Hall
6:30pm; Biran Beit Midrash
7:00pm; Wasserman Hall

Saturday, September 21

8:30am; Biran Beit Midrash

9:30am; Charles E. Smith Sanctuary

9:30am; Gewirz Beit Am
9:45am; Library
10:00am; Cohen Hall
10:00am; Click for a full list

12:00pm; Kay Hall
12:30pm; Funger Hall
12:45pm; Gewirz Beit Am
1:15pm; Biran Beit Midrash

HAVDALAH: 7:50pm
9:00pm; Biran Beit Midrash
9:30pm; Kay Hall
In Memoriam
Recently we have been bereaved of...

Lorna Jaffe
Harold Hyams

Ricki Franklin
Steven Kay
Melvin H. Worth, Jr. 
Phillip Mogilefsky

May their memories be for a blessing.

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