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Ruth & Simon Albert Sisterhood Gift & Judaica Shop

All items bought at the Gift Shop help support Adas Israel and its many activities.

Gift Shop Hours:

Closed Until Further Notice Due to Covid-19.

For specific needs, please email


Phone: 202.364.2888


Jean Bernard: 301-654-8914
Susan Winberg: 301-656-7766


Hanukkah 2020 Sales

Please join us in an online experiment. For the first time, the Ruth & Simon Atlas Adas Israel Sisterhood Gift Shop is offering online (sort of) sales for your Hanukkah needs. We are offering dreidels and candles galore and a limited selection of nut-free gelt (milk and pareve) and menorahs.

We offer two means of shopping:

  1. Peruse our offerings here on our website, then email us at with your desired items and your home or cell telephone number. We will check our stock and call you to let you know which items are available and to charge your purchase to your credit card. We are not able to process charges securely on our website. We will bag the items, affix your charge receipt, and deliver them to you curbside. Curbside delivery will depend on number of orders.
  2. We are offering a limited number of in-store appointments allowing you to come into the shop (masked, of course) to make your holiday selections and browse the many other items we  carry. These appointments must be made in advance, and each one will be for 30 minutes only. You may make these appointments by emailing us at

Please keep in mind the following: DO NOT CALL the shop because our hours will be irregular, and we’re not sure anyone will be there to answer the phone. Our email is much more reliable.

In addition, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, as is always the case for holiday items. For more information, you may email the shop.

Left: 4170: Ceramic Soccer Menorah (9”L x 3.25”H), $26

Middle: 6274: Ceramic Pink Castle Menorah (11”L x 5.75”H), $35

Left: 6582: Handpainted Jerusalem Menorah (10.75”L x 2”W x 4”H), $32

Left: 4738: MENOJI Battery-Operated LED Menorah (8.75”L x 1.1”D x 6”), $24

Middle: 6021: Electric LED Menorah (8.5”L x 2.5”D x 9.25”H), $40

Right: 4471: Low Voltage Electric Menorah (10”W x 2.25”D x 5.25”H), $40

Left: 4253: Jerusalem Menorah with Dove (9.5”W x 3”D x 4.75”H); ORIGINALLY $75, NOW $37.50

Right: 3669: Handmade Fantasy Wedding Menorah (8.5”W x 6”H x 2”D), ORIGINALLY $80, NOW $40

Left: 5832: Emanuel Multi-Color Train Menorah (12”W x 2.75”D x 2.4”H), $136

Right: 6584: Emanuel Multi-Color Small Train Menorah (7.5”L x 2.25”H), $36

Left: 6000: Emanuel Classic Menorah, shades of blue (11”W x 8”H), $46

Middle: 5999: Emanuel Classic Multi-Color Small Menorah (10”W x 2.5”H), $38

Right: 6000: Emanuel Classic Menorah, silvertone (11”W x 8”H), $46

Left: 4172: Small Blue Menorah (7”H x 6.5”W), $30

Middle: 6610: Large Satin Finish Menorah (9”L x 8.5”H), $30

Right: 6609: Satin Finish Menorah (9.75”L x 5.25”H), $25

Left: 3587 Quest Collection Serpentine Menorah, silver & antique black (6”H x 11.25”L), $140

Right: 6084: Multi-Color Glass Menorah (11”L x 5.5”H), $46

Top: 6669: Emanuel Cubes in the Air Menorah with Etched Blessing (7”W x 4”H), $70

Bottom: 4128: Emanuel Multi-Color Cone Menorah (15.4”L x 2”W x 4.2”H), $90

Left: 5998: Emanuel Hammered Silvertone Strip Menorah (10.5”L x 2”H), $35 

Middle: 6522: Reversible Menorah/Shabbat Candleholder with Etched Prayers; available in blue or silver (7”W x 2.5”H), $56

Bottom: 6190: Folding Travel Menorah; available with blue (shown) or multi-color stripes, $28

1096: Tree of Life Menorah, silverplate & gold (shown) (8”L x 3.25”W x 6”H), $84.99

1098: Large Tree of Life Menorah, silverplate & gold (10.75”L x 4”W x 8.75”H), $149.99

4565: Hebrew Letter Hanukkah Menorah (11”L x 1.5”D x 3.5”H), $80

6672: Large Aluminum Blue & White Inlay Menorah (13”W x 12”H), $53

Left: 6670: Aluminum Menorah with Multi-Color Inlay (8.75”L x 7”H), $42

Right: 6671: Aluminum Menorah with Blue & White Inlay (9.75”H x 9.25”L), $45.50

6675: Navy & Light Blue Caps Menorah (9.25”W x 2.25”D x 7.75”H), $38

2770: Fire Truck Menorah (10” x 4” x 3”), $52

5438: Ido Drucker Loch Ness Menorah, comes in six colors (top to bottom): blue, green, purple, red, gold silver (one of each available) (8.5”L x 2”H), $58

6676: Contemporary Modern Aluminum Menorah (12”L x 8”H), $140’

Left: 1080: Multi-Color Beeswax Hanukkah Candles, $14

Right: 1079: Natural Color Beeswax Hanukkah Candles, $14

Left: 3535, 2709, 6026: Frosted White Candles, $12 (These are all the same; we’ll pick out a box for you, depending on the number of each one we have.)

Right: 6094: Blue & Pink Multi Hanukkah Candles, $13

Left: 6568: Handcrafted Blue-Speckled Hanukkah Candles, $12.99

Middle: 6668: Blue, Maroon, Pink & Green Hanukkah Candles, $11.50

Right: 6163: Handcrafted Multi-Color Speckled Hanukkah Candles, $13

Left: 5805: Graduated Colors Hanukkah Candles, $12

Right: 4497: Orange & Purple Hanukkah Candles, $13

Left: 4474: Tri-Color Blue & White Hanukkah Candles, $11.49

Right: 6667: Premium multi-Color Hanukkah Candles, $11.50

5804: Navy & Orange Hanukkah Candles, $12

Left: 4184: Remember the candles you used to bring home from religious school? Here they are: Plain Multi-Color Hanukkah Candles, $2.44

Right: 6612: JET Multi-Color Hanukkah Candles, $1.80

6566: Painted Wooden Jerusalem Dreidels, package of 2 (3”H), $4.99

Top: 4470: Large Painted Sports Wooden Dreidels, package of 4 (2.2”H), $8

Bottom: 4734: Large Painted Princess Wooden Dreidels, package of 4 (2.2”H), $8

4718: Musical Light-up Dreidels, Assorted Colors (please let us choose for you) (2.5”H x 2”W), $3 each


Right: 6674: Milk Chocolate, Dairy (5 coins per bag), $1.00 each bag

Left: 6673: Dark Chocolate, Pareve (5 coins per bag), $1.00 each bag

Plush Dreidels with Bells Inside (8"H), $8.00 each. Baby's first Hanukkah? These will be a huge hit.

3189: Michael Aram Heart-to-Heart Dreidel (no longer available from Aram) (4.5” x 3.5”), $59 each

5100: Collector Edition Ceramic, Metal, Jeweled Dreidels (choose turquoise or navy) (1.8” x 1.8” x 3.1”), $20 each

6563: Squishy Dreidel, like a stress ball (3”H), $4 each

Top Row, left to right:

4406: Very Large Wooden Dreidels (2.75”), $2 each

1736: Small Handpainted Wooden Dreidels (1.25”), 80¢ each

1088: Metallic Dreidels (silver or blue; please let us choose for you) (1.5”), 60¢ each

3939: Plastic Dreidels, Assorted Colors (please let us choose for you) (1.5”), 46¢ each

Front Row, left to right:

3636: Handpainted Wooden Dreidels (1.75”), 60¢ each

1370: Tiny Wooden Dreidels (1.25”), 40¢ each

4185: Large Wooden Dreidels (1.5”), 45¢ each

5746: Colored Translucent Dreidels, Assorted Colors (please let us choose for you) (1.5”), 75¢ each

Hanukkah Rainbow Whirlytops (1.5"H), $1.00 each. This is a perennial favorite. Assorted colors; please allow us to choose for you. (Not recommended for children under age 3.)

Magna Dreidels (1.75"H), $2.50 each. New to our shop this year; comes with instructions. Assorted colors; please allow us to choose for you.


Gifts For All Occasions

Jewish life cycle events: b'nai mitzvah, baby naming, Shabbat, havdalah, confirmation
Holidays: seder plates, challah boards, honey dishes, Kiddush cups, shofarot, books
Custom items: Jewish New Year cards and kippot by special order

Featured Artists

Gary Rosenthal Collection
Brilliant local artist, who creates one of the most popular and unique lines of Judaic art in the country. He uses brass, copper, and steel combined with fused glass to create exquisite Judaic gift items, including tzedakah boxes, Hanukkah menorahs, dreidels, and mezuzahs. His wedding mezuzah is an especially popular item.

Tamara Baskin
Fused glass is featured prominently in the beautiful works by this Israeli artist. Her art emphasizes elegant yet functional designs to celebrate Jewish life. We have many of her seder plates, serving platters, and Hanukkah menorahs. She was Nordstrom's featured artist in its gift department last fall. Our prices are quite competitive.

Michael Aram
We have recently been featuring the elegant and contemporary designs of Nambe and Michael Aram. These long time popular gift designers make beautiful Judaic themed designs in a variety of giftware that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have many serving trays, bowls, candle holders, and other pieces by these and other talented artisans.

We are always seeking new and interesting designs by local and Israeli artists. We attend gift shows to keep our stock current!


Our Gift Shop

Meet the Volunteers

Acknowledging the Gift Shop Volunteers

Everyone coming into the Ruth & Simon Albert Sisterhood Gift & Judaica Shop (subsequently referred to as Gift Shop)—whether shopping for b’nai mitzvah, conversion, confirmation, or wedding gifts; a present for a friend (Jewish or non-Jewish); or a special occasion card—is struck by the variety of items—both religious and secular—the shop carries. But what is just as impressive is the professionalism, friendliness, and knowledge of the shop’s very special volunteer sales associates, many of whom have worked there for years. Without their efforts, the shop would not be the success it is and would not be able to support the synagogue financially as it does.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Sisterhood members who donate their time in this way. Below we introduce you to them as they describe their experiences as sales volunteers.

Leah Chanin has been with the shop for over five years. She explains that she volunteered because she “…thought it would help the synagogue and also because it is a nice place to work.” Leah adds, “I enjoy my time each week in the Gift Shop. I do meet a lot of people, both Adas members and others. Most people are happy when they come in the gift shop to buy a tallit or a yad or other religious objects for special occasions—a bar/bat mitzvah or a wedding or a new home or a conversion. Sometimes I get to explain the religious purpose of a hanukkiyah or a mezuzah or other objects.”

Ruth Ernst has been responsible for the evening shift whenever the Hebrew School meets since 1997. She reports, “I first attend the evening Minyan and then open the Shop from 6:15 to around 8:30 pm. The two plus hours go very fast. Everyone who comes into the store comments on the beautiful selection we have, thanks to our great managers. I started becoming active in Sisterhood by volunteering at the Friday morning Kiddush preparations under Estelle Jacobs. We were a very dedicated group of ladies and were able to provide a delicious and profitable Kiddush after services on Shabbat. When the synagogue hired a caterer, I transferred my volunteer efforts to the Gift Shop."

Marian Fox says, “A pet rabbit in the Gan brought us to Adas Israel. Although banished for inappropriate behavior by the time our son started there, its presence when we toured sealed the deal. Rabbi Wohlberg said, when we told him, that there are many doors into the synagogue. Meanwhile, I've been working Sundays at the shop for well over six years. It's very different from my real job and gives me a chance to connect with my retail side. I love talking to customers and helping them find purchases that are just right for them."

For Myra Promisel, September will mark the beginning of her sixth year as a volunteer sales associate. Myra explains her motivation: “I very much liked the women who were involved (including Shirley Abrams and Ruthe Katz, both of blessed memory). I grew up in the retail business and have always enjoyed doing that kind of work. I love meeting people—synagogue and Sisterhood members—but also those going to the mikvah or passing through Adas for some other reason. I appreciate that what we are doing in the Shop is so important in supporting the synagogue.”

Susan J. Wedlan has been associated with the Gift Shop for over 10 years. Susan writes, “I started on Sundays, with Judy Hartman as my co-volunteer, while my three children were attending religious school. Sundays seem to be the busiest day of the week for the shop, and I loved all the activity. Now I take the Tuesday afternoon shift and follow up by volunteering in the library afterward. I enjoy having friends come in for a chat while they browse and buy. We have such a wonderful selection of Judaica; I am sure I am a top customer of the Shop!”

Bunny Weinstein, who has volunteered at the Gift Shop for over three years, says “I began because Leah Chanin can talk anyone into doing anything.” She goes on to say, “I feel that the Gift Shop serves not just members of the congregation but also the wider community. On Sunday I often have people from buildings nearby who say they don't know where else to buy candles, menorahs, etc. How nice to know the Gift Shop accommodates them as well.”


Nancy Weiss has been a mainstay in the Sisterhood Gift Shop for around 14 years. She reports that she “…started because the then manager, Aline Quint, was my bat mitzvah sister and asked for help. I enjoyed it so I never left my Tuesday morning slot!”


Mon, November 23 2020 7 Kislev 5781