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Welcome to Gan HaYeled Preschool!

The Gan HaYeled Preschool at Adas Israel Congregation is a warm and welcoming, NAEYC Accredited Preschool in the heart of Washington, DC. Known for its strong community of students, parents, and faculty, the Gan is the perfect place for children to learn, grow, and have fun! Now offering both Full Day and Part Time programs. 

Our Philosophy

At the Gan, we use a play-based developmental approach. We recognize that all children learn in different ways, at different paces. Along with the fundamental skills taught in our curriculum, we believe enrichment activities and parent involvement are critical ways to extend learning opportunities. Our children are part of a vibrant community of learners.

Ma Hadash - What's New?

A Note From Stephanie

Behaviors are something we pay special attention to at the Gan. We do so because a child’s behavior is always giving us information and it is our responsibility to understand what that message is. I look at behaviors through a lens that considers developmental and foundational norms. Sometimes behavior tells us that there is an underlying need which requires support. More often than not, however, I see children behaving exactly the way they should be. Here is an article that can help you better understand behaviors at home, as well as one detailing the long term effects and impact of spanking.
Understanding the reasons for behaviors, coupled with a basic knowledge of early childhood brain development, enables us to have realistic expectations when addressing challenging behaviors. The Whole Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline, both by Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson are great books to help you navigate this complicated process.

Not Naughty: 10 Ways Kids Appear to Be Acting Bad But Aren't
Spanking Is Ineffective and Harmful to Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says


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Calendar Highlights:


6 Open House 9:30 am
13-16 Vision and Hearing Screenings 
16 Shabbat Dinner for Families with Young Children
21 Gan CLOSES at noon
22-23 Gan CLOSED for Thanksgiving
28 Open House 9:30am


3 Gan CLOSED for Parent-Teacher Conferences
12 Gan Open House @ 7:30 pm
13 Gan CLOSED for Professional Development Conference
18 Last day of school for Onah classes (2/3/5 day, 5+2, 5+3)
21 Last day of school for Shanah classes (8am-6pm schedule)
22-January 1 Gan CLOSED for Winter Break



The Gan has been NAEYC accredited since 1994.  Visit NAEYC to learn about the criteria to obtain accreditation. Click  here for NAEYC resources for families.


    The Mildred and Jess Fisher Early Childhood Center - Gan HaYeled Preschool  Adas Israel 2850 Quebec Street, NW Washington, DC 20008 | p: 202.362.4491 | f: 202.363.7236

Wed, November 21 2018 13 Kislev 5779