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Welcome to Gan HaYeled Preschool!

The Gan HaYeled Preschool at Adas Israel Congregation is a warm and welcoming, NAEYC Accredited Preschool in the heart of Washington, DC. Known for its strong community of students, parents, and faculty, the Gan is the perfect place for children to learn, grow, and have fun! We offer both full-day and part-time programs. 

Our Philosophy

At the Gan, we use a play-based developmental approach. We recognize that all children learn in different ways, at different paces. Along with the fundamental skills taught in our curriculum, we believe enrichment activities and parent involvement are critical ways to extend learning opportunities. Our children are part of a vibrant community of learners.

Ma Hadash - What's New?

Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

Jewish communities internationally acknowledge February as Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM), a time when there is a collective effort in the Jewish world to recognize the needs of those with disabilities and foster attempts to ensure inclusive environments.

This idea of identifying needs and creating environments that benefit each individual child as well as the collective group has always been an important value at the Gan. The importance of inclusion is the result of many distinct beliefs we have about Early Childhood Education. First, we know that brain development during this time is rapid and dynamic and that opportunities for progress with intervention (when necessary) are favorable. We want to make sure those children who need support have access to it during this time of neurological growth. Second, we feel strongly that all young children deserve to participate in a quality early childhood setting that recognizes their importance as citizens of our Jewish community. Finally, we recognize that acknowledging differences not only deepens our intellect, but reminds us that caring for one another is a shared responsibility. The long term benefits of inclusion on our society are momentous and demonstrating this in early childhood creates an essential path for generations to come.


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Calendar Highlights:


1 Afternoon Shabbat in the Gan Space @ 4:45 pm
4 Gan CLOSES @ 4:30 pm for Professional Development
10 Winter GPS concert for Gan and families with young children
12-15 Class Photos


1 Afternoon Shabbat in the Gan Space @ 4:45 pm
10 Tzingo!
15 Shabbat Dinner for Families with Young Children 
17 Adas Purim Carnival
20 Purim


The Gan has been NAEYC accredited since 1994.  Visit NAEYC to learn about the criteria to obtain accreditation. Click  here for NAEYC resources for families.


    The Mildred and Jess Fisher Early Childhood Center - Gan HaYeled Preschool  Adas Israel 2850 Quebec Street, NW Washington, DC 20008 | p: 202.362.4491 | f: 202.363.7236

Fri, February 22 2019 17 Adar I 5779