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High Holy Days 2020/5781

ולא נבוש לעולם ועד
Unify our hearts to love and revere your name, so that we never lose hope.

From the very bottom of our hearts, we pledge to you a singularly powerful & spirited High Holy Day experience with your Adas family.

Whether observed in person as safety permits, or through the airwaves, or some combination thereof, we will join together (in the deepest meaning of the words) to immersively experience the wisdom and sanctity of these awe-inspiring days. This feels more poignant and timely than ever before. This year’s High Holy Day theme, V’lo Neivosh L’olam Va-ed, loosely translates as, “unify our hearts to love and revere your name so that we never lose hope.” It is the message of this moment, which we can experience together loud and clear.

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A Message from Adas Clergy

This year has been hard. We have certainly felt the highs of our soaring community, but also the lows of a global pandemic. Isolation and loneliness have been close to us — emotions that we have touched daily, and witnessed in our loved ones.

Despite it all, the thread that has held us together is... each other. Despite it all, we are finding ways to meaningfully connect. Despite it all, we have experienced the full range of Jewish practice together — Torah study, shivas, B’nai mitzvah, weddings, funerals, births, and more. We have seen you laugh, cry, mourn, give comfort, sing, teach, and come together remarkably through this time.

What we have learned through this pandemic is that where there is a will there is a way. And together we are finding our way. And so, as these Holy Days approach, we both commit to you, and call upon you.

We commit to believing in you. We commit to your potential. We commit to your hearts. We commit to your journeys. We commit to helping you grow and flourish amidst it all. And we call upon you to believe in the transformative power of these days to help us heal, to help us dream, to help us mourn, to help us express joy, to help us forge an old and new path forward, together. Our role as your clergy is to help design the vessel in which all of us — our fullest selves — can find space for connecting with God, Torah, and one another.

Lo Neivosh L’Olam Va’Ed

May we not feel shame or despair about our sorrows, our losses, or our loneliness, and may we never lose hope for the light that is to come.

So join us. Pray with us. Sing with us. Love with us. Be with us.

Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780