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The Adas Israel Community Mikvah

Immersion. Connection. Renewal.

We are a kosher, community mikvah serving the DC/MD/NoVA area, and we welcome visits from any Jewish person for any reason. The mikvah is rooted in centuries of Jewish tradition. It is a place where a Jewish person can experience an embodied spirituality. By taking time to connect to the body, the Jewish people, and the earth's natural water cycles, a person can become rooted in the present moment, even at a time of profound change.

Speak with the Mikvah Director: Naomi Malka (202-841-8776,

**The Adas Israel Community Mikvah is closed for renovations from October to December 2018. During this time, our users will be welcomed at Mikvah Chaim at Ohev Sholom on 16th St NW. We look forward to reopening a very beautiful and fully accessible Mikvah in mid-December.



What is an Immersion?

The standard immersion consists of three dunks with a beracha (vetzivanu al hatevila) after the first dunk and another beracha (shehechiyanu) after the second. Click Here to download a PDF of the brachot (blessings). The berachot are given to you at the mikvah on a laminated sheet in Hebrew, transliterated Hebrew and English. You do not have to memorize them. There are also meditations on various occasions if you would like to read them. You are welcome to bring your own writings with you and incorporate them into your mikvah experience.

If your rabbi has instructed you to say the prayers in a different order, or to include something else, please follow their instructions.

The mikvah attendant is there to help you say the prayers and ensure that you have immersed completely for your mikvah to be “kosher”. Female conversion candidates will have a female attendant. Women using the mikvah for taharat hamishpacha or other reasons may do their immersions alone, if they wish. Male conversion candidates will have a male attendant, usually a rabbi. Jewish men coming for other reasons may immerse by themselves. Children over the age of four months may immerse with one parent, who can say the berachot for or with them. Please consult with your rabbi or with the mikvah coordinator about how to prepare children of different ages.

What are the Policies?

Click Here to read our Mikvah policies and learn more about the guidelines for immersion.


What About Converting a Child?

Click Here to learn about the meaningful and beautiful process of converting a child in the Adas Israel Community Mikvah.


How Do I Book an Immersion?

You can now book a Mikvah immersion completely online, by CLICKING HERE. Once you select an appointment time, you will be asked to create an account and fill out a short form detailing your reasons for the immersion so we can better plan your experience. Please be aware that we do not accept online appointments for slots within 72 hours of the time that they are booked. If you have any questions about the online booking process, feel free to email


What Are the Costs and Contacts?

Suggested Donations One time visit – $36
Brides/Grooms – $54
Conversions* – $72
Yearly Unlimited Use – $154

Visits are scheduled by appointment only.
For a daytime or an evening appointment, book online, or call the Mikvah Director Naomi Malka at 202-841-8776 or email

Tours and learning sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups. *A rabbi must be present for all conversions.

A mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath in which people choose to immerse for a variety of reasons. Any source of living, owing water in nature-such as a lake, ocean, or river- is a mikvah.


To create a kosher indoor mikvah, rainwater joins with puri ed tap water and is heated in a small pool. However, immersion in mikvah in much more than this...


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The Adas Israel Community Mikvah is a core partner of the Rising Tide Open Waters network.

Thu, December 13 2018 5 Tevet 5779