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Community Mikvah


The Adas Israel Community Mikvah

Immersion. Connection. Renewal.

A Mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath, requiring “living waters” sourced from rain. Oceans, rivers and other natural bodies of water are all kosher mikvahs. The ritual of immersion is rooted in centuries of Jewish tradition. It is a powerful way to experience an embodied spirituality and can connect a person to God, to their own body, to their ancestors and to the water cycle of our planet.

Our Mikvah is a Jewish sacred space designed to support Jewish ritual life and the personal transitions of individuals and families in the Jewish community.  Traditional reasons for visiting the Mikvah, such as the mitzvah of immersing monthly, getting married, making dishes kosher, converting to Judaism, and preparing spiritually for Shabbat or holidays are welcome here. Equally encouraged are creative reasons to immerse, usually around major life transitions. Examples of this type of visit are varied but include reaching a milestone birthday, marking the end of a period of mourning, becoming a bar or bat mitzvah, or celebrating an anniversary.

Immersion in the mikvah is a highly personal and spiritual experience and we respect the privacy and dignity of each person who uses the mikvah.


What About Converting a Child?

Click Here to learn about the meaningful and beautiful process of converting a child in the Adas Israel Community Mikvah.


How Do I Book an Immersion?

You can now book a Mikvah immersion completely online, by clicking here. If you have any questions about the online booking process, feel free to email


What Are the Costs and Contacts?

Mikvah Fund Donation Form

Thank you for your donation to the Adas Israel Community Mikvah. We appreciate your support in helping us to maintain and operate this important community resource.

Suggested donation amounts are:

$36 one time visit (one person)
$54 pre-wedding visit (covers both partners)
$72 conversion (per family)
$154 yearly unlimited usage

Todah Rabah--Many Thanks!


Visits are scheduled by appointment only

Tours and learning sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups. *A rabbi must be present for all conversions.

Mikvah brochure cover

For all questions, please email or call 202-841-8776.

The Adas Israel Community Mikvah is a core partner of the Rising Tide Open Waters network.

Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780