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The Wellness Center of Adas Israel

“The day you were born is the day God decided that the world could not exist without you.” – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

The Briyut Center at Adas Israel is a new project and partnership between Hesed and The Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington. We seek to jointly create a space to celebrate, to study, to be with joy and sadness, and to face openly all that we encounter on the road of life. This new center will offer text classes on mindful practices developed by Jewish mystics, celebrations of our changing bodies, support groups and mindful support for families with infant/young children.


Jewish Mindfulness Center Of Washington


WellBodies: A Monthly Course in Embodied Judaism

December 17, January 29, February 26, March 24, April 22, May 26 @ 11:30am
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What does it mean to live in your body? What does it mean to live in a Jewish body? Explore the concept of the body from a Jewish perspective with us once a month from September 2019 through June 2020. This two hour circle will delve into body-related topics such as healthy boundaries, food and eating, growth and aging—through the lens of Jewish text and ritual. We’ll learn from each other and from guest facilitators’ unique perspectives. Presenters include Jodi BalisYael FlusbergRabbi Sarah TasmanRabbi Lauren TuchmanSteph BlackRobert Bettman, Toni Bickart, and other wonderful thinkers. If you are a doctor, nurse, therapist, yogi, massage therapist, you will get a lot out of this and have a lot to contribute. And, everyone is welcome--all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Join us--all you need is your body!



Into the Mystics taught by Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

January 28, February 12, March 10 @ 7:30pm
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This class will offer a once a month dive into Jewish mystical practices of centering the mind.  We will explore the teachings of the Piacezno Rebbe, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the Zohar, and HaRav Kook.  We will look into the specific Hasidic theologies of each teacher and delve into their mindfulness practices.  Each class will conclude with a “mindfulness lab”- a chance to try on the practice that we study.



Al-Anon Family Group Addiction Meetings

Wednesdays (weekly), Beginning February 12 at 7:30pm-8:30pm
At Adas Israel in Classroom 333

Do you have a family member or friend whose drinking or using drugs, legal or illegal, causes you to be worried or anxious? Do you want to get help from the shared experiences of other families and friends? Come be a part of a new Al-Anon group. 

Al-Anon family groups are relatives and friends of those with alcoholism and addiction who come together to share their experiences, strengths, and hopes in order to help solve their common problems. While the primary focus of Al-Anon is for families and friends of those battling alcoholism, the experiences, strength, and hope of families and friends of those suffering from addiction are often the same, and you are most welcome to attend. Through Al-Anon, family and friends have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar problems. Al-Anon meetings incorporate the 12 steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous. Questions? Contact Lois Fingerhut.



Healing Shabbat Morning Service with Rabbi Krinsky

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates

Designed for those in need of spiritual, emotional or physical healing as well as caretakers, Rabbi Sarah Krinsky will create a space to explore and process challenges, and to access places of support and resilience. Grounded in Jewish prayer and ritual, the service will include moments of liturgy, song, meditation and learning to build a community of compassion, comfort, and strength.

Note: This service will meet during the beginning of Shabbat morning services. For those who want to join other prayer spaces, we will conclude by the end of Shacharit.



Fostering Anshei Hayyim —
The Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Journey of Men

Sunday, March 22 and Sunday, April 5

Over the course of two sessions, we’ll hear from experts about critical issues in men’s health, and talk together about fostering the holistically healthy lives we seek.


Sat, May 8 2021 26 Iyyar 5781