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The Traditional Egalitarian Minyan (TEM) at Adas Israel meets in the Gewirz Beit Am, every Shabbat morning at 9:30 a.m., with the Torah service around 10:30 a.m.

The TEM is a warm, spirited service, committed to participatory worship. Led by lay people with the occasional assistance of Adas clergy, the TEM service offers a full P’sukei D’Zimrah (introductory Psalms), Shacharit, and Musaf, a complete reading of the weekly Torah portion, and a D'var Torah.

The TEM is attended by people of all ages: singles, couples, families, young children, teens and seniors. Our service ends around the same time as the Smith Sanctuary service and we join together for the congregational Kiddush.

Those who have not yet leyned, led davening or given Divrei Torah in the past are encouraged to develop their skills and take on new leadership roles in the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan. We are happy to provide guidance to those who wish to participate but are still developing their synagogue skills.

Young children lead Ashrei, Anim Z’mirot and other closing prayers and open the ark. To volunteer to participate in the service, or for more information, email or just come join us any Shabbat morning.

To join our group email list, send a blank email (no message or subject necessary) to or search on Facebook for “Adas Israel Traditional Egal Minyan.”

We hope to see you soon!
Adas Israel Traditional Egalitarian Minyan


There are many opportunities to get involved in the Minyan! We welcome everyone's involvement in all aspects of services, including children who can lead Ashrei and other prayers.

To participate in the service such as by opening the ark or by having an aliyah, or if you could serve as a Gabbai during the Torah service, contact the service coordinators, Jacob Bardin or Bill Levenson at

To lead services (daven), email the davening co-coordinators, Lexi Light and Shifra Waskow at Daveners are needed each week for P'sukei d'Zimrah, Shacharit, and Musaf. The Traditional Minyan does the full repetition of the Amidah.

To read Torah (Leyn), email the Leyning coordinator, Jeffrey Fistel at The Minyan reads the full Torah reading each week; however, there are many short readings during the year. Email the Leyning coordinator to be added to the Leyners email group list and to receive the current leyning spreadsheet.

To sign up to give a D'var Torah in the TEM, email the D'var Torah coordinators, Marilyn Cooper and David Waskow, at


lead shacharit


Adas and TEM member, Michael Leifman, prepared a series of audio clips to help interested Minyan goers lead the morning Shacharit prayers.

Please CLICK HERE to listen to the audio files!



upcoming programs


Bimah Basics

Hagbah Practice!

Saturday, February 9 @ 1:15 after Kiddush in the Gewirz Beit Am

Hagbah is the term for raising the Torah scroll, and gelilah is the word for rolling up and tying the Torah scroll and replacing its cover and ornaments.

After kiddush on the February 9 Shabbat, anyone who’s interested is welcome to join for an explanation and “how-to” about hagbah and gelilah. This event is open to anyone in the congregation who wants to practice this wonderful mitzvah, particularly those who’ve never done it . . . and women are especially encouraged! After the explanation, everyone will be able to practice lifting the Torah scrolls for themselves, with spotters. Please join us we practice this important community mitzvah.

The verse, “And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people” (Nehemiah 8:5) is the biblical precedent for raising an open scroll so the entire congregation can view the Torah script. The person who lifts the Torah traditionally opens at least three columns of the scroll before raising it up as high as possible, and then slowly turns to show the script to all assembled. This allows everyone in the congregation to see the text and proclaim, “V’zot ha-Torah” (this is the Torah [that Moses placed before the Children of Israel], Deuteronomy 4:44). Some worshipers raise the edges of their tallit toward the script and then kiss the tzitzit, although the halakhic requirement is merely to bow toward the open Torah. It’s a beautiful tradition that we hope to share.

Aliyah Practice!

Saturday, February 23, around 1:15 after Kiddush in the Gewirz Beit Am

Has it been a while since you have had an aliyah? On Saturday afternoon, February 23, at 1:15 after Kiddush, join with the TEM for the basics of taking an aliyah. We will go over the brachot (blessing) recited before and after the Torah reading, and will go over the "choreography" of where to stand. We can practice the brachot in a small group or one-on-one setting. We will also go over the basics of how to be a gabbai - two people that stand at the bimah to follow along during the Torah reading. Serving as gabbai rishon requires more knowledge of Hebrew, but many people can learn to serve as a gabbai sheini. Join us on February 23 for this Bimah Basics class! over and ornaments.


TEM Governing Draft
The TEM has a document governing TEM principles, policies, and procedures. To have this document emailed to you, please email The purpose of this document is to serve both as a record of our current policies as well as the basis for considering several policy questions.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns for the Minyan Coordinating Committee, email: or any other members of the Minyan Coordinating Committee.

If you would like to be hosted for a Shabbat dinner, lunch, or holiday meal, please 

The Committee serves as a liaison with Adas Israel Congregation, organizes the Minyan Occasional Meeting, and discusses Minyan concerns as they arise.

The Minyan Coordinating Committee members are Sandy Roskes, Alan Ronkin, Bob Peck, Amy Schwartz, and Margie Siegel.


To regularly receive the Adas Minyan weekly e-mail newsletter, send a blank e-mail (no message or subject needed) to

Facebook group: Search for "Adas Israel Traditional Minyan" on Facebook and join our group!

If you have an announcement for the newsletter such as a life cycle event (birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit, etc.) or if you have an have an announcement to be made at the end of services, you can email the newsletter editor and announcements coordinator, Bill Levenson, at

For informal postings of brief (one or two sentences!) community events, job announcements, apartment rentals, etc., email To regularly receive the Adas Minyan weekly e-mail newsletter, send a blank e-mail (no message or subject needed) to

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