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Chag Sameach!
Passover @ Adas Israel

Friday, April 19 - Saturday, April 27

Click here for full service and event schedule, below. The eight-day festival of Passover commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. It is observed by avoiding leaven, and highlighted by the Seder meals that include four cups of wine, eating matzah and bitter herbs, and retelling the story of the Exodus. Please join us at Adas as we celebrate the holiday of freedom!



Second Night Community Seder with Rabbi Holtzblatt

Saturday, April 20 @ 7:30pm, Registration Now Closed

Join us for our annual, festive community Passover seder at Adas Israel with delicious food, thought provoking discussion, and joyful song. The Passover seder is one of the Jewish peoples’ most treasured traditions. Using rich symbolism, role-playing, and creative usage of all the senses, the seder has warmly transmitted the values of human dignity, liberty and the search for higher meaning to every society it has reached. We look forward to sharing this beautiful and meaningful tradition with you and your family this year at Adas.



Passover Day 7 Luncheon

Friday, April 26 - No Registration Required, All Are Welcome!

By Day 7, we know how messy all of your kitchens will be, so as a special treat, and to get you out of your kitchen, please join us for a special Passover Luncheon! Join us for a spirited combined service and then stay for the Kosher for Passover lunch. Rabbi Alexander will be teaching some Torah during the meal, as well. All are welcome!



Community Passover (Both Nights) Seder Match

Sponsored by the Adas Member Connector Committee
Friday, April 19 or Saturday, April 20

Matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a seder (or, maybe a guest or two for my extra chairs).  If you have room at your table and are able to fulfill the mitzvah “welcome the stranger,” please fill out this Google document. If you are looking for a seder to attend, please do the same! Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a host for everyone. Questions?



Mehirat Hametz - Selling of the Hametz

Send THIS Completed Form to Hazzan Rachel Goldsmith

We are not always able to destroy or remove all of our hametz. So the rabbis ordained that a symbolic sale is made of all the hametz to a non-Jew in the community, who then sells it back to us after Pesach. The hametz is then no longer “in our possession.” This is normally done through the synagogue for the entire congregation. Please use this form and send it to Hazzan Rachel Goldsmith. It is only necessary to sell or destroy food stuffs; not dishes or utensils.



Biur Hametz – Burning of the Hametz

Friday morning, April 19 @ 9:00am in the Adas Parking Lot

This day should be treated as an ordinary Erev Pesach in regard to biur hametz (removal of hametz). The burning of the hametz should be completed by about 10:00 am. The stove should be koshered for Pesach. All cooking should be done in Pesach pots and only Pesach utensils should be used. Food required for the first Seder should be cooked at this time. Burn your chametz at Adas Israel on Friday, April 19 at 9am in the Parking Lot.


Full Passover Service Schedule

Erev Pesach, Friday, April 19

7:15am Morning Minyan 
8:00am Pesach Siyum Breakfast
9:00am Biur Chametz
No Evening Service; enjoy your seders!

Day 1, Saturday, April 20

9:30am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan Pesach/Shabbat Service; joined by the Smith Sanctuary
12:00pm Congregational Pesach Kiddush
1:00pm Mincha Service
7:30pm Community Passover Seder

Day 2, Sunday, April 21

9:30am Combined Smith and TEM Service
12:00pm Congregational Pesach Kiddush
12:45pm Mincha (No Evening Service)

Day 3, Monday, April 22

7:15am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 4, Tuesday, April 23

7:15am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 5, Wednesday, April 24

7:15am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 6, Thursday, April 25

7:15am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 7, Friday, April 26

9:15am Combined Smith/TEM Pesach Service
12:00pm Pesach Kiddush Luncheon
(No registration required, all welcome)
6:00pm Kabbalat Chag

Day 8, Saturday, April 27

9:15am Pesach/Shabbat Morning Service; Yizkor at 11 am
9:15am TEM Pesach/Shabbat Service;Yizkor
12:00pm Community Pesach Kiddush
1:00pm Mincha

Mon, June 24 2019 21 Sivan 5779