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Chag Sameach!
A Very Virtual Passover @ Adas Israel

Wednesday, April 8 - Thursday, April 16

The eight-day festival of Passover celebrates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. It is observed by avoiding leaven, and highlighted by the Seder experiences and the retelling of the Exodus. It is of course a deeply poignant moment for us to observe Passover this year, given our new realities. Together, we will march towards hope and freedom, see wonders, and give thanks for the abundant blessings in our lives. Dayenu. Please join us through the Adas Airwaves as we celebrate the holiday of freedom, together.


Virtual Seders


Virtual Passover Seder Match
Click Here to "Host" a Virtual Seder
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The Member Connector Committee looks forward to making virtual matches for first and second night seders. If you are hosting a seder and able to invite a few more people virtually to your table or if you are looking for a seder to join through your device, sign up below. Please note that these are all virtual matches -  you’ll go through the Haggadah together, sing songs together, discuss together, etc. Unfortunately no food or seder plate items will be provided. Please contact Healey Sutton with any questions. Chag Sameach!


Thursday, April 9 at 6:30pm
Second Night Community Seder with Rabbis Holtzblatt & Alexander

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Join Rabbis Holtzblatt and Alexander (virtually) at their family tables for the second night seder. Be prepared for thought-provoking discussion, joyful song and inspired traditions!

Passover Learning 


Passover Q&A with Rabbis Holtzblatt & Alexander
Click to listen to audio
Access the archived broadcast with Rabbis Holtzblatt and Alexander, for a comprehensive guide to the upcoming Passover holiday. Learn all you need to know to navigate this year's Festival of Freedom at home. 


Torah Bite Passover Learning with Rabbis Holtzblatt & Alexander
Click for archived video
Rabbis Holtzblatt and Alexander highlight components of Passover including the Seder meals, avoiding leaven and the retelling of the Exodus story.


Sunday, April 5 at 1pm
Zoom Tips for the Passover Seder with Rabbi Krinsky

Join the Video Zoom: 
Join by phone: 16465588656, Access 157 421 056

Come and learn how to make the most out of the Zoom platform for your seder attendance and participation. Designed for both those hosting via Zoom as well as those attending via Zoom, this session will cover the basics of the platform as well as advanced features that will enhance our virtual experiences. 


Monday, April 6 @ 12pm
Sing the Seder: Torah Bite with Cantor Arianne Brown

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Passover songs are essential to enhancing the seder, while supporting a structure that leads us from one part of the seder to the next. Join Cantor Brown as she teaches the music of Passover. 


The Rabbinical Assembly: Kashrut Subcommittee Recommendations for Passover 5780 in Light of COVID-19
Seder, Kashering, & Food Purchasing
Zoom-Style Seders
Online Haggadah PDF
Tips For Virtual Seder Leading
Searching for Hametz
Passover Kashrut Theory & Leniencies
Text Sheets on Passover Topics

Additional Passover Opportunities


Mehirat Hametz - Selling of the Hametz
Fill out THIS FORM to authorize Hazzan Goldsmith to sell your hametz
We are not always able to destroy or remove all of our hametz. So the rabbis ordained that a symbolic sale is made of all the hametz to a non-Jew in the community, who then sells it back to us after Pesach. The hametz is then no longer “in our possession.” This is normally done through the synagogue for the entire congregation. Please use this form. It is only necessary to sell or destroy food items; not dishes or utensils.


Biur Hametz – Burning of the Hametz with Hazzan Goldsmith
Wednesday, April 8 at 10am 
View live:

Burn your leftover chametz with Hazzan Rachel Goldsmith live on the Adas Facebook page! Hazzan Goldsmith will be reviewing the blessing and customs for this Passover tradition. This day should be treated as an ordinary Erev Pesach in regard to biur hametz (removal of hametz). The burning of the hametz should be completed by about 10:00 am. The stove should be koshered for Pesach. All cooking should be done in Pesach pots and only Pesach utensils should be used. Food required for the first Seder should be cooked at this time.

Full Service Schedule

Erev Pesach, Wednesday, April 8 

• 7:30am Shacharit/ Siyyum Bechorot 
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• 10:00am Biur Chametz with Hazzan Goldsmith 
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• 12:00pm Passover Sing and Story with Cantor Ari and Rabbi Solomon
View live:

• 6:00pm Maariv for Chag with Hazzan Goldsmith
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Day 1, Thursday, April 9

• 10:00am Shacharit Service and Hallel with Cantor Ari
View Live:

• 6:30pm Second Night Community Seder
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Day 2, Friday, April 10

• 10:00am Shacharit Service with Rabbi Holtzblatt
View Live:

• 5:00pm Family Service with Hazzan Goldsmith
View Live:

• 6:00pm Kabbalat Shabbat with Hazzan Goldsmith
View Live:

Day 3, Saturday, April 11

• 9:30am Shabbat Shacharit and Hallel with Rabbi Krinsky
View Live:

• 11:30am Family Shabbat Service with Rabbi Solomon
View Live:

• 8:00pm Maariv/ Havdalah with Rabbi Alexander
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Day 4, Sunday, April 12

• 9:00am Shacharit and Hallel with Rabbi Alexander
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• 6:00pm Maariv
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Day 5, Monday, April 13

• 7:30am Shacharit and Hallel with Hazzan Goldsmith
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• 6:00pm Maariv
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Day 6, Tuesday, April 14

• 7:30am Shacharit and Hallel with Cantor Ari
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• 6:00pm Kabbalat Chag
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Day 7, Wednesday, April 15

• 10:00am Shacharit Service and Hallel with Rabbi Alexander
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• 6:00pm Maariv with Hazzan Goldsmith
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Day 8, Thursday, April 16

• 10:00am Shacharit/ Hallel and Yizkor with Cantor Ari
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• 6:00pm Maariv and Havdalah with Rabbi Krinsky
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Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780