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Purim at Adas Israel: A Journey to Everywhere and Nowhere
Free & Open to the Community!

Wednesday, March 20 – Thursday, March 21


Purim demands that we use a unique prism to peer into our lives and communities. Day in and day out, the typical windows into humanity are determined for us, but on Purim we flip the model on its head. We deploy the Book of Esther to re-frame the picture of life. We use humor where seriousness so often prevails. We mobilize laughter as the avenue from which old truths become newly experienced. We certainly can’t do Purim every day, but if we never see the world with Purim goggles, we’ll likely miss some of the sacred stuff that lies right before our hearts.

This year our Purim Prism will be “Lost@Home.” Why? Because sometimes the best way to find ourselves is to briefly lose ourselves. In other words, in order to see the reality that is “Adas” in all of its holy facets, once in awhile we must imagine it from the other side--the lost side.

To that end, we’ll be gently playing with some of the building’s more common features to create a sensation that begs one more glance, one more moment of reflection, and one more attempt at clarity.

Not all who wander are lost, the famous quote goes. But anyone who is lost gets to wander.



Full Purim Schedule

Erev Purim - Wednesday, March 20
5:30pm: Gan HaYeled Purim Program with Cantor Brown and Religious School students
7:00pm: Full Megillah Reading (TEM), Gewirz Beit Am
7:00pm: *Full Megillah Reading & Purim Shpiel, Charles E. Smith Sanctuary
8:45pm: Lost @ Home Party in Kay Hall

Purim – Thursday, March 21
7:15am: Morning Minyan & Megillah Reading

*Erev Purim Megillah reading will be livestreamed.

Free and Open to the Public! Chag Purim Sameach.


Family Purim Celebrations


Purim Sing- Along & Costume Parade, Sunday, March 17, Beginning @ 9:30am

On Sunday March 17, Families with Young Children are invited to join us for a Purim Sing-Along starting at 9:30am and leading directly into our Costume Parade at 10:00am in the Charles E Smith Sanctuary. Children 5 and under are invited for special time on the moonbounces from 10:30-11:00am in the Kay Hall and then to head downstairs with their parents to Cohen Hall for games, art, and carnival photos until noon!

2019 Adas Israel Purim Carnival, Sunday, March 17 @ 11:00am Register Here

Religious School and USY are hosting the Purim Carnival on March 17. The full carnival opens at 11 for all! Students who are enrolled in Religious School do not need to register, neither do parents. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

Concerned about Sensory Overload on Purim?


Costumes, groggers and crowds can be overwhelming! If you need a time-out or to catch your breath, please go to our low sensory space in room 218 on the 2nd floor, which will be available during the Carnival from 9:15am-12:15pm on Sunday (2/25) and from 5:30-10:30pm on Erev Purim, Wednesday (2/28). The room will be unlocked but will not be staffed, so children must be accompanied by adults. Adults seeking quiet are welcome on their own. Alternately, you are welcome to join us for a (somewhat!) quieter megillah reading on Thursday 3/1 (Purim Day) at 7:15am minyan in the Biran Bet Midrash, where the Booing of Haman happens at a lower volume. Please email to communicate any accessibility issues in advance. 

Fri, February 22 2019 17 Adar I 5779