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Gan HaNeshama Evaluation Center
A Multidisciplinary Evaluation Center for Early Childhood Development and Inclusion

Gan HaNeshama (Garden of the Soul) is an evaluation center that supports early childhood development by identifying developmental delays and/or disorders that may be impacting your child’s day-to-day experiences and functioning. Our multidisciplinary team is here to walk you through this process as you learn to better understand your child’s developmental profile and learning style.

This streamlined approach provides families with a clear understanding of the components needed to help your child reach their full potential. Evaluations offer a strength-based approach to building important foundational skills and nourishing your child’s sense of self – their inner soul – their neshama.

Requesting an Evaluation 

Our evaluation center is for all children ages 12 months to 5 years. If you have questions about your child’s development and/or behavior, email to see if Gan HaNeshama is right for your family.

If you would like to schedule an evaluation for your child, complete our Evaluation Request form. Send the completed form to; Stephanie Slater will be in touch with next steps.

Our Services & Pricing Structure

Click Here to see the services offered and their respective rates. Services include full multidisciplinary evaluation as well as individual evaluations including developmental screening, OT evaluation, speech/language evaluation, and more

Additional Information & FAQ's

Read here for a detailed account of what to expect as you engage with our clinical team at the evaluation center.

Parent Testimonials

"We have had two children go through the Gan, one on the spectrum and one with a significant speech delay. The Gan is a no judgment zone.  At other preschools, inclusion is catchphrase; at the Gan it is real.” Click here for more parent testimonials about Gan HaNeshama

"The human brain develops more rapidly between birth and age five than during any other subsequent period." (Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: Brain Development in Early Learning, 2007)

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