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Adas Live

Archived Videos

Please enjoy a treasure trove of learning, events and powerhouse discussions at Adas Israel below.


Adas Live

Community Events


Mayim B'Sasson - Mikvah Rededication Ceremony
Discussion with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Jewish Music, Jewish Soul concert
Solidarity Gathering for Tree of Life Synagogue

Garden of the Righteous 2018


Adas Israel Children on NBC - Rosh Hashanah 1978 from Molly Blank





MakomDC April Scholar:
Rabbi Benay Lappe
  MakomDC March Scholar:
Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels
MakomDC February Scholar:
Rabbi Leon Morris
MakomDC January Scholar:
Rabbi Ebn Leader

MakomDC December Scholar Event with Rabbi Brad Artson & Installation of Rabbi Alexander
MakomDC November Scholar:
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
MakomDC Kickoff Event:
"Cracked, But Not Broken"
Sefirat HaOmer @ Adas

A Passover Message from Rabbi Gil Steinlauf
Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appel
Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
Rabbi Elie Kaunfer
MakomDC: Rabbi Sharon Braus  

African Asylum Seeker a History of Refugees in Israel


MakomDC: Rabbi Gordon Tucker


The Neuroscience and Spirituality of Consciousness


Inclusion Guest Speaker: James Weisman

MakomDC High Holy Day Prep with Adas Clergy




Sat, April 20 2019 15 Nisan 5779