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Please Give to the The Adas Fund in 2018
The Congregation’s Only Annual Campaign!

Inspired by the work of Hesed 

Adas Israel is a sacred and caring community, where we enrich lives, forge relationships,
care for each other, and teach truly remarkable Torah. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the work of our Hesed Committee. These dedicated community members focus on Acts of Loving Kindness for our members in times of both joy and sorrow. We are honored and


humbled by their commitment and hope you will follow their good example by supporting our sacred congregation through our only annual campaign. The Adas Fund is the engine that drives all this meaningful work in our community. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to hearing stories of inspiration and community from our Hesed Team members as the campaign progresses, and to celebrating their achievements over the High Holy Days. We hope you will join with them at any level of giving as we demonstrate our gratitude for the many personal and family journeys Adas Israel’s members, clergy, and staff inspire.


Learn more about our caring community through the many activities of the Hesed Committee:

building a sustainable community-web of loving kindness that touches all people, centers & corners of the community.


Hesed Visits Team

The Hesed Visit Team enhances the lives of elderly, homebound or ill members of the Adas community by creating a stronger connection to the community through regular visits.  This simple expression of caring through conversation benefit both those who visit and those who are visited.  The visits can be a one-time activity or on-going depending upon the what is needed. 


Hesed Meals Team

The Hesed Meals Team provides meals to members who may be recuperating from surgery or a short-term illness. Meals are coordinated through the Meal Train website which outlines meal delivery times and food preferences. Volunteers who prefer not to cook the food but still want to provide a meal can do so by purchasing a catered meal that can be delivered to the member.


Hesed Phone Team

Got a phone and have a few minutes to spare? Want to make a big difference in helping build and sustain community? With a few minutes and your phone, you can make someone alone feel connected.  Here's how…join the Adas Israel Phone Team and help make a weekly erev Shabbat telephone call to a homebound member to let them know, they are remembered.  Individuals who are called are extremely grateful to be contacted. 


Hesed Baskets Team

The Hesed Baskets team provides Adas members with a caring and welcoming surprise basket for special life moments.   Join us in delivering gift bags of goodies to families celebrating the birth of new babies and to welcome those who have recently become members of our community. We hope to expand our reach in the future to other types of recipients. 


Bereavement/ Sisterhood Team

Adas Israel mourns the loss of our loved ones… We encourage our members to consider using the help of our Bereavement Committee for funeral arrangements. Click Here to Learn More about Bereavement and the comfort you can find in this sacred community. 


Hesed Committee Cooking Team

Cooking delicious, soul-nourishing food for those who need it.


Meet The Adas Fund Champions!

And find out why Adas Israel is, and always will be, their home…


Rita Segerman, joined 1965 & Ryna Cohen, joined 1959

“Adas Israel is our spiritual home. It is where we came to find community, to watch our children grow, to see our old friends and make new ones, to mark milestones, and to connect our lives daily with the joy and meaning of Jewish tradition.”

Laurie and Dan Alajdem & Family, Joined Adas 2001

“Adas is home to all of us. It started with our children. They went to the Gan and had their first taste of having a home away from home. But over the years we have all grown closer to Adas, and to our Judaism, in ways we never would have imagined when we first walked through the doors.”

Scott Levine and Melissa Blume & Family, joined 1999

“Adas Israel has become the center of both our family’s spiritual and social lives.  In addition to educating our children at the Gan and now the Religious School, we frequently attend many of Adas’s truly transcendent services from Rabbi Lauren's Return Again Shabbats to the occasional Friday parsha study with Rabbi Alexander.  On the social front, as so many of our closest friends are affiliated with the synagogue, we regularly attend family Shabbat dinners at Adas and are traveling this summer with Adas on the Family Israel Experience.  With all that Adas has given us, it is only natural to want to give back.  As the synagogue supports so many worthwhile causes—from the Gan to the Syrian refugee project to the Anne Frank House–our only challenge is to figure out which causes to support.  Further, we enjoy volunteering at Adas in any way we can including Scott’s upcoming tenure as Adas’s Treasurer and Melissa’s many roles with the GPA.”

Brian and Mickie Schwalb & Family, joined 1999

“Since our girls started at the Gan nearly 18 years ago, Adas has been a source of community, connection and spirituality. We take pride in being members of a synagogue that continues to change and evolve to meet the needs and desires of a diverse jewish community in the city.  Being involved for many years on the executive committee, helping to launch and grow the jewish mindfulness center of washington and having our girls work as madrachim have been experiences that have enriched our family and have deepened our commitment.  We look forward to participating in the on-going growth, renewal and strength of the vibrant Adas family.”

Rachel Rosenthal, Joined Adas 2008

“I feel very welcomed at Adas, and I want to help everyone else feel like Adas is a welcoming home too – with vibrant community, spiritual growth, caring support throughout life's ups and downs, and more.”

Adina and Sandy Mendelson, Joined Adas 1971

“Adas is the place where we have davened with family and friends, where we have learned and grown Jewishly, and where we have led and participated fully in this community. Our connections to Adas–our spiritual home–are deep and broad, totally intertwined with our lives.”

David Waskow, Ketura Persillin & Family, Joined Adas 2000

"Adas is our family's second home, the shul where our kids have grown up and learned to read Torah, lead services, and – most important – be part of a close community. Since the week we moved to DC, we've been steadfast members of the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan. Our Adas family extends far beyond the Minyan — to the inspiring and thoughtful clergy, to the brilliant and welcoming administrative staff, and, never to be forgotten, to the maintenance and security staff who organize our prayer spaces, prepare prayer books and Torahs for shiva minyans and happy occasions, and have brought smiles to our kids' faces during all our years at Adas.”

Nancy Weiss, Joined Adas 1993

“There are way too many things I could say as to why Adas Israel is my home! When I first moved to the DC area from a close-knit Jewish community in Montreal, I didn’t know how I’d find that supportive, close community feeling again. Before long, I found it at Adas! The community embraced us, my daughter joined the Gan, and the rest is history. Adas is the focal point of my spiritual and communal life and I couldn’t imagine the last 22 years without it.”

Thu, December 13 2018 5 Tevet 5779