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Estelle and Melvin Gelman Religious School

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Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. -- Proverbs 22.6


Gishron – Second Grade

Students in Gishron-Second Grade begin their day in Religious School by joining together for Shacharit Live, a dynamic, interactive morning service, led by our team of music educators. They are encouraged to sing and dance as they practice their tefilot (prayers).

As a bookend to their Sunday morning, the students end their day by participating in one of four Chugim (groups). They learn Jewish songs with one of our music educators, learn Israeli dances, have story time with our librarian or Maccabiah—games and exercises with lots of Hebrew vocabulary.

In addition, each grade has an overarching theme and age appropriate Hebrew goals.

In Gishron the students are immersed in Jewish prayer, rituals, stories and culture. They focus on Jewish values, symbols, and holidays.

Our kindergarteners are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet in a multitude of different ways drawing on their many senses. “Torah gems” are shared each week in addition to lessons planned around holidays, prayer, ritual and Jewish thought.

Our first graders begin to read Hebrew as we introduce vowels alongside reinforcing the alef bet. Story telling is the vehicle for their curriculum which includes units on holidays, American Jewish history, Yiddish stories and midrash.

When the students enter second grade, they should have a good foundation in the Hebrew alefbet and the vowels, and they continue to work on these skills, as they begin to read Hebrew words from the Siddur. They study and discuss the weekly parsha from the Torah, learn in depth about the Jewish holiday cycle and learn Jewish values in a multi-modal approach.



Third-Sixth Grade

In our third – sixth grade classes, we offer a dual-strand curriculum of Judaics and the Hebrew/tefilah.

We use the ShalomLearning curriculum in Judaics. This curriculum, based on seven values, integrates a variety of stories, text studies, holiday content, and blessings to highlight for our students how decisions they make on a daily basis are influenced by their Jewish values, and by extension their Jewish history, tradition, and culture. Each grade looks and learns about these values through a different lens: family, self, peers and community. Click here for the ShalomLearning curriculum grid.

Our Hebrew department supports our tefilah curriculum. Students meet in small groups to work on the prayers they encounter in services and home rituals. 

The third-sixth graders have tefilah each time they are in school—Shacharit on Sunday morning and Mincha or Maariv (dependent on season of the year) during the weekdays. On Sundays,we have a separate Shacharit service for third-fourth and fifth-sixth.

Giving the students a chance to spend time with their peers in a different setting is also important and we have chugim throughout the year, approximately twice a month where they get to choose the group they want to participate in. Chugim include, Jewpardy, Art, Kolot (youth choir with Cantor Ari), Hebrew and more.

Summer Hebrew Packets (Students entering in 3rd-6th Grade)

3rd Grade Hebrew Packet
3rd Grade Parent Answer Guide

4th Grade Hebrew Packet
4th Grade Parent Answer Guide

5th Grade Hebrew Packet
5th Grade Parent Answer Guide

6th Grade Hebrew Packet
6th Grade Parent Answer Guide


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