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Jewop (University of Wisconsin)

Founded in 2008, Jewop is the University of Wisconsin Madison’s co-ed, culturally Jewish a cappella group. Our goal is to spread and celebrate Jewish culture by performing a wide range of song selections, from liturgical prayers to pop songs performed by Jewish artists. Our group includes both Jewish and non-Jewish members, which enables us to explore new facets of Judaism and challenge each other to grow. As part of UW-Madison’s Jewish community, we participate in events at our campus Hillel and with other Jewish student organizations. Jewop members pride themselves on being a positive representation of Jewish and Israeli culture on campus and take a strong stand against all forms of anti-semitism and hate speech.



Ketzev (Johns Hopkins University)

Founded in 1997, we are Johns Hopkins's only Jewish a cappella group. The name Ketzev comes from the Hebrew word for rhythm. We are a co-ed group with a repertoire consisting of a variety of genres, including original arrangements of American and Israeli pop and Jewish-American music. Since our establishment, Ketzev has participated in events such as Perfect Pitch (Highland Park, IL) and the Philadelphia Jewish Collegiate A Cappella competition, as well as Kol HaOlam. We perform for public and private events on campus and in the local Baltimore community.



Kol Hakavod (University of Michigan)

Kol HaKavod was founded in 1993 at the University of Michigan, and we are a co-ed group. We identify as a Jewish a cappella group because of the strong Jewish spirit and values we hold at rehearsals and outside of the group. We perform both Hebrew and English songs in the Ann Arbor, MI, Jewish community and beyond, at events such as concerts, Hillel Shabbat, Michigan Region BBYO events, performances at local synagogues, and other miscellaneous events in the Jewish community. We are also proud members of the Michigan A Cappella Council.



Koleinu (Princeton University)

Koleinu is a co-ed a cappella group at Princeton. Since 1993, we have been performing a mix of traditional, liturgical and pop music at the many arches of Princeton University, the Center for Jewish Life, the White House, and various other events. Our members come from a wide variety of musical and religious backgrounds, but we have a common love of having fun and making music together.



Mezumenet (University of Maryland)

Mezumenet is the University of Maryland’s all-female, Jewish, a cappella group. Founded in December 2008 by four young women who studied and sang together in Israel, Mezumenet brings an eclectic mix of music to the Maryland community and to the surrounding areas. The name Mezumenet has two meanings: the first comes from the Hebrew word meaning “to invite,” while the second refers to the prayer that Jewish women recite before the blessing after meals. Mezumenet’s repertoire ranges from traditional Jewish melodies to current Israeli pop and contemporary radio tunes, all rounded out by our unique Mezumenet parodies.



Rak Shalom (University of Maryland)

Rak Shalom is a co-ed, Jewish, a cappella group founded in 2005 at the University of Maryland. We love to bring Jewish pride, energy, and music to synagogues, nursing homes, and schools all over the country. We perform mainly around Maryland and the Greater Washington area, but have recently traveled to South Carolina, Toronto, California, and Chicago. We are also very proud to have performed at the White House and the Library of Congress. We sing a combination of Jewish traditional songs, Israeli pop, and American pop. We are excited to share our music with you!Jewop members pride themselves on being a positive representation of Jewish and Israeli culture on campus and take a strong stand against all forms of anti-semitism and hate speech.


...and BONUS performances by last year's winner Hooshir and special guest Shir Madness of CESJDS!!


Hooshir (University of Indiana)

Hooshir is Indiana University’s premiere co-ed Jewish a cappella group. Throughout the year, Hooshir travels around the country performing at synagogues, competitions, and Jewish community centers. We sing a mix of pop, Israeli pop, and Jewish Sacred Music. Hooshir is thrilled and grateful to be back at Kol HaOlam this year. Born in 2006, Hooshir was created to perform at the White House’s Hannukah celebration. We have been celebrating and sharing our love for Jewish music ever since.



Shir Madness (Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School)

Shir Madness, the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School’s high school a cappella group, is a locally recognized name with a long history. Many young Jewish singers get their start in Shir Madness before moving on to collegiate and other a cappella groups (in fact, some alumni are competing tonight). With songs ranging from American secular music to Israeli pop and liturgical, Shir Madness brings a breadth of talent and voices to its performances.

Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782