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Hesed January 2023 Cooking Event

Hesed January 2023 Cooking Event

Hesed Cooks @ Home!

Cook for our partner organizations! Our cooking program has grown significantly over the past year. Each month our Hesed cooks provide food for our social action partner organizations. People depend on our food, and we are so happy to provide it! 

This month, we are excited to have Abigail King join us as she has chosen to work with Hesed as her mitzvah project. Abigail is a 7th grader at Alice Deal Middle School and she will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah with our Adas community on Saturday, February 4.

Abigail explains, "I chose continuing to work with Hesed for my mitzvah project because people need food for survival and everyone deserves access to nourishing food made with love. Food can bring hope and happiness to people if they know someone is thinking of them. Making food for other people makes me feel good because I know I’m making a difference, however small. One thing I love about Hesed is that we make a variety of seasonal foods so people always get something nice and fresh. I also love making the monthly desserts and hope they bring joy to the people eating them. Much of Jewish life revolves around food. Whether it is our family Shabbat dinner, a Passover Seder or enjoying honey cake with friends and family at Rosh Hashanah, food is at the core. We should help do that for others."

To cook at home, please sign up to bring either a baked ziti or chocolate sour cream bread, or both. Make and freeze your contribution any time, then drop your frozen food at Adas on Sunday, January 22 between 12:30 - 2pm. If you're not able to drop your food off on that day, you can drop your frozen food off during the week between 9am - 5pm (3pm on Fridays) before Friday, January 20.

 For our January cooking event:
•    Register below to cook @ home
•    Cook any time once you have the recipes.
•    Prepare one or both dishes and as many as you want of each. It is very important you follow the directions for how to prepare, wrap and freeze the food. Once the food arrives at Adas, we add ingredient labels before sending it on its way.
•   Deliver your frozen food to Adas on Sunday, January 22 between 12:30 - 2pm. If you're not able to drop your food off on that day, you can drop your frozen food off during the week between 9am - 5pm (3pm on Fridays) before Friday, January 20.

Recipes and instructions for cooking and delivery available here.

For our Adas Cooks @ Home events, food is delivered to the following community partner organizations our Social Action Committee works closely with: 

Anne Frank House - This independent non-profit organization provides permanent housing and other support including food to formerly homeless individuals. Currently 11 people, who have chronic mental illness, live in their own comfortable apartments provided by Anne Frank House.   

International Rescue Committee (IRC) – Through the IRC in Silver Spring, MD, Adas Israel helps serve recently arrived refugee families, easing the difficult transition to a new homeland by offering tutoring, help with job searches, transportation support and other services along with friendship. So far, Adas has mentored five refugee families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Congo, and we are forming new teams now to assist even more newly settled families. For more information on how to become a mentor, please visit

Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission – Just one hour from DC, the mission provides a residential program to help individuals formerly addicted to opioids develop social skills, self-esteem and positive work ethics. In addition, the mission provides meals at their facility to anyone in need, including many families affected by high unemployment, the opioid crisis and the pandemic.
Sasha Bruce Youthwork (SBY), established in 1974 is one of the largest and most experienced providers of services to youth in Washington, DC. Sasha Bruce helps young people find safe homes, achieve and maintain good physical and mental health, create and strengthen supportive and stable families, and explore opportunities in education and careers.  Our Hesed food will go to the Drop In Center which works with 40-50 young people and where they can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Besides preparing food for these youths, SBY welcomes notes of encouragement and inspiration to these youths who are vulnerable.  These notes will be given to the youth in their Drop In Center.

TraRon Center - The TraRon Center after-school program provides a safe, supportive space for elementary school children affected by gun violence. During this pandemic, the Center has created a learning pod for children who are significantly behind and in need of support.

The need for food is great at this time, so we are planning to continue Adas Cooks at Home as a monthly program. We hope you will cook this month and every month. The food you make does make a difference in the lives of many people!   Thank you for cooking for a cause.

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