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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Application - Class of 5784

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Application-Class of 5784

We look forward to sharing this special Jewish milestone with you and your family

Please complete this online application by January 28, 2021

At this time, we will be assigning dates through the end of June 2024. This application is the best way to communicate to us how we can select a bar/bat mitzvah date for your child that meets the needs of both the Congregation and your family. Please complete this online application by January 28, 2021. If you have any questions while working on this application, please email Courtney Tisch at Mazal Tov!
*For more information on how dates are assigned, scroll to the bottom of this application*

Boys may celebrate their bar mitzvah on or after their 13th Hebrew birthday. Girls may celebrate their bat mitzvah on or after their 12th Hebrew birthday. We encourage girls to celebrate close to or after turning 13 for equal religious education prior to beginning B'nai Mitzvah lessons. No dates are assigned in July thru mid-August, unless specifically requested by parents. For children whose birthday falls during the summer, dates are assigned either in the prior spring (applicable to girls) or in the following year (applicable to boys and girls).

Please order the following from 1 through 5 in terms of priority to your family. 1 takes highest priority. *For example, if you most wish to celebrate in the winter, rate the season of year option as 1. If the proximity to your child’s birthday is not at all important to you, rate that  option as 5.*

Families should choose the service you have been attending or plan to primarily attend in the years leading up to your child’s bar or bat mitzvah.

Charles E. Smith Sanctuary Shabbat Service
Shabbat morning services in the Charles E. Smith Sanctuary, the synagogue’s largest worship space, are led by our inspiring Rabbis and Cantor. The service includes spirited congregational singing, often with musical accompaniment, as well as a sermon. B’nai Mitzvah are encouraged to participate fully.  Opportunities include some or all of the Torah reading, Haftarah and blessings, delivering a D’var Torah, and leading select parts of the service.  

Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
This lay-led service meets every Shabbat.  Members of the minyan lead the davening, read Torah, and deliver a short D’var Torah. The service is traditional in content and egalitarian in implementation, with a full Torah reading. The level of Bar/Bat Mitzvah participation in a TEM service varies, but may include the Torah service, some or all of the Torah reading, the Haftarah, a D’var Torah, and either Shacharit or Musaf with a full repetition. 

Havurah Shabbat Service - 1st, 3rd, & 5th Shabbat
A lay-led, participatory service that has met for 40 years.  Rotating volunteers lead services, read Torah and conduct an in-depth discussion of the weekly Torah portion. All are welcome, and B’nai Mitzvah and their families are encouraged to participate fully. 

Congregational Mincha Service:
1:15pm-2:30pm on Shabbat afternoon.
This service has become an option during years with over 45 B'nai Mitzvah to celebrate. The B'nai Mitzvah mincha services are led by our clergy and include attendance of a small number of regular congregants. Shabbat mincha includes a Torah service with 3 aliyot.  In addition to reading Torah and delivering a D'var Torah, students have the option of chanting a haftarah and leading additional prayers in the service.

How Does Adas Israel Assign Bar/Bat Mitzvah Dates?

*Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates are assigned only to members in good standing with children enrolled in our Estelle & Melvin Gelman Religious School or in a Jewish Day School.   

Assigning bar/bat mitzvah dates is a complex process. Our goal is to respect your preferences within the framework of an active congregation.  There are many variables that affect the assignment, including:

  • The number of bar/bat mitzvah candidates in a given year. Because we are fortunate to have a large and active congregation, children may share the Smith Sanctuary Shabbat Service.
  • The child’s birth date. We start by looking at their Hebrew birth date in the appropriate year.
  • Some Shabbatot are not available for bar/bat mitzvah celebrations due to Congregational needs.

Once we have received all applications at the end of January 2021, we will begin reviewing the pool of submissions in order to assign your child a date that meets at least one of your family's preferences. Once dates are finalized amongst the B'nai Mitzvah Team, you will receive a letter including your child's assigned B'nai Mitzvah date, parsha, and other pertinent details you should be aware of as the B'nai Mitzvah process begins. You should expect to receive your date assignment letter by the end of March 2021. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this application. The journey to this joyous simcha begins now!

Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783