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07/21/2020 03:20:11 PM


Books & Beyond    

Loving the Stranger

By Robin Jacobson

One day, anthropologist Maggie Paxson suddenly snapped. In the words of the classic American spiritual, she vowed to “study war no more.” Weary of...Read more...

07/15/2020 10:19:21 AM


Books & Beyond    


A Salute to Adas Authors

By Robin Jacobson

At a time when stories of hope and fortitude feel essential, we are proud to present four inspiring new memoirs by Adas Israel members Judith Heumann, Esther Safran Foer, Sanford Greenberg, and Ron Hoffer (listed in order of publication). Read...Read more...

07/14/2020 05:15:23 PM


Books & Beyond    

Songs of Comfort

By Robin Jacobson

What to read during a pandemic? Since the Book of Psalms (Sefer Tehilim) is a traditional...Read more...

07/07/2020 05:23:10 PM


Books & Beyond    


Always an Immigrant

By Robin Jacobson

As Moses might have said, “You can take the Jews out of Egypt, but you can’t take Egypt out of the Jews.” It is hard to shed a past life and homeland, even one of misery and persecution. This is the theme of two outstanding books by Jewish émigrés from the former Soviet Union: Savage...Read more...

06/23/2020 01:26:47 PM


Books & Beyond       Unlikely Allies: New Historical Fiction for Middle-Grade Readers

By Robin Jacobson

Historical fiction inhabits the sweet spot between history and fiction. It lets us imagine living in a past historical moment and then returns us to our own time with new insights. For young readers (and for adventurous parents who are game for a “family book...Read more...

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