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"Repairing the World"…

See what we're up to and please join us as we harness our collective power to make the world a better place.

Ryane Nickens, Adas Israel’s 2017 and 2018 Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. dinner speaker, is interviewed by Politico’s Joanne Kenen. Ryane talks about the gun violence in her Anacostia community that is all too common and why she has created the TraRon Center whose mission is to heal personal and community pain through the arts.  Click here to read the article.



Current & Upcoming Highlights

One America West Virginia Launch Event
Build Community. Fight Opioids.

Sunday, October 21 @ 2:30pm - 6:30pm

One America West Virginia is a new coalition that is working to build community so we can
fight opioids, together. We believe that when all of us work together, black, brown and
white, Republican and Democrat, we can fight death and addiction and win.
Join us as we prepare care-packages for the Bethany House, Union Rescue Mission and
Jefferson County Community Ministries. Afterwards we'll share a meal and a conversation. Faith communities, doctors and concerned people from West Virginia and DC are partnering to work together to fight this epidemic. RSVP to Anna Robinson (

So Others Might Eat (SOME) Adas Israel Provide-A-Meal Volunteers Click Here to volunteer on November 12

We have another opportunity to volunteer at SOME.  Join us as we work with SOME staff to serve a hot meal to the men and women who use their services.  In 2015, SOME served 241,548 meals in their dining rooms. Volunteers must 13 or older. The closest Metro station is the New York Avenue (NoMa) station. SOME is located 1/2-mile from the station. Directions and transportation information is available HERE. The closest Metro station is the New York Avenue (NoMa) station. SOME is located 1/2-mile from the station. For questions please contact Sharon Burka


Adas Israel Refugee Response Team Seeking Volunteers to Help with Cultural Orientations

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) runs cultural orientations for the refugee families it resettles and is in need of people to volunteer as babysitters during these orientations in Hyattsville, Maryland. Volunteers spend time with the children in a playroom located next to the orientation room. Adults are needed to interact/play with the children and make a small donation towards a pizza lunch. This is an incredibly valuable way to assist the refugee community in our area. The orientations are from 10 am - 2pm and run various dates; the next one is February 27th. To hear about our experiences volunteering, email Adas members Nancy Cutler ( or Allison Turner ( To get involved, please email Mira Mendick ( who is the Community Resource Coordinator, Refugee & Immigrant Services for LSS.

Lev B’Lev Letter-Writing Team joins Interfaith Action for Human Rights (IAHR): Pen Pal Program for Prisoners

In addition to writing letters of solidarity to those who have experienced hate crimes, the Lev B’Lev Letter Writing Team has joined with IAHR, an interfaith organization representing people of different faiths in the Washington, DC, region to write letters to DC residents who are incarcerated in the Bureau of Prisons. IAHR Executive Director Rabbi Charles Feinberg’s new effort addresses the isolation that incarcerated DC residents experience in prisons located far away from home. More than 4,600 DC residents are sent to 122 Bureau of Prisons facilities around the country, making it particularly difficult for them to maintain supportive relationships and reintegrate into their communities upon their release. IAHR’S Pen Pal Program asks volunteers to correspond with one imprisoned DC resident at least once a month for one year. For more information about this rewarding and enlightening experience or to join us, contact Ruth Kleinrock.

Adas Israel IRC Refugee Team Seeks New Family Mentors:

The Adas Israel Refugee Response Team has opportunities to mentor newly arrived refugees. Partnering with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Silver Spring, a new group of Adas members are being trained to mentor recently arrived refugee families. Moving to a new place is always challenging and language/cultural barriers, along with none or minimal family support, make this transition even more difficult. Mentors help ease this transition by offering friendship, tutoring, help with job searches, transportation support, and other services as they come up. This is an incredible opportunity to work with other Adas members to make a genuine impact on refugees' lives. So far, Adas has mentored 5 refugee families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Congo, and we are forming new teams now to assist even more newly settled families. In order to create a dependable support system for these families, the IRC model asks volunteers to commit to 6 months of mentorship. Working in teams of 2-5 people, someone from the team is expected to visit the family every week (which means 1-2 individual visits per month depending on how large the team is). If you are interested in being a part of this rewarding and important work or would like more information, please contact Alex Levy or Katy Gingles.

We Need Your Help, Support Refugee Families

Please Make Your Contribution HERE

The Social Action Committee’s Refugee Response Team is currently sponsoring a refugee family of 5, through Lutheran Social Services, and we also are mentoring families with the International Rescue committee, and we need your help! Fore more information about our efforts to respond to the refugee crisis or to make a contribution to support this work, please email Dan Aladjem. The Social Action Committee’s Refugee Response Team has already furnished two apartments for newly settled refugee families in our area and are gearing up to furnish a third.


Your Spare SmarTrip Card Can Help DC’s Refugees Start Anew

Do you have SmarTrip cards with remaining value that you will not be using? Your spare card can help local refugees rebuild their life in the DC area.  With as little as $25 on a SmarTrip card, a refugee will be able to attend a cultural orientation class, enroll children in school, travel to a job interview, and go to an initial health screening.

Adas Israel is collecting spare or new SmarTrip cards for refugees in need. We are also accepting cash or checks to purchase SmarTrip cards.  All donations will be given to the International Rescue Committee to help struggling refugees make a new life for themselves. Please drop off your SmarTrip cards, cash or checks in the Adas coatroom or mail to:
Adas Israel Congregation c/o Marcy Spiro
2850 Quebec Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008

For more information please contact Beth Simon.


photo gallery


our teams

Refugee Response Team

For over a year, this team of Adas members has worked to welcome refugees to the Washington DC area. Working with Lutheran Social Services (LSS), Adas Israel has co-sponsored a Syrian refugee family. Adas volunteers have also furnished apartments for two other refugee families. Working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Adas members are mentoring 5 refugee families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Congo. Adas Israel proudly stands with hundreds of other synagogues across the US as a member of HIAS’ Welcome Campaign. As our involvement with the refugee crisis grows, we have begun to work in partnership with other synagogues and churches to build our community’s capacity to welcome and protect refugees to the DC area. If you are interested in being part of our Refugee Response work, please complete the Volunteer Interest Survey.

For more information about our mentoring work with the IRC, contact Alex Levy.

To donate non-cash items such as furniture, clothing and laptops to the IRC, please complete this form, or contact Katy Gingles.

For information about our work with our Syrian family, contact Amy Golen, or Liana Brooks Rubin.

Climate Action Team  (CAT)

Climate change and the air pollution causing it are a threat to the health of our families and community, as well as families and communities around the world.  To foster collective learning about what Torah and Jewish tradition have to say about environmental matters, we are planning to work with clergy and members to share Torah lessons from the parashiyot related to this subject. There are many opportunities for the Adas community to take action in our synagogue and in our homes and communities to reduce the pollution causing climate change.  We plan to bring to you specific ways to take action, such as with group purchasing discounts for solar.  We are watching for opportunities to engage in advocacy campaigns for climate action in the Metro Washington, DC, area. Through these activities, Adas Israel congregants can find ways to take action together.  We welcome engagement by any and all from the Adas community.  For more information, contact Philip Henderson,, for more information.

Gun Violence Prevention Team (GVP) 

The vision for the GVP is to bring communities together within Adas Israel in order to make a difference in the epidemic of gun violence that is affecting our communities, our city, and our country. Toward these ends, the Adas Israel GVP will begin its work with the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) and its member faith-based communities in DC that are engaged in GVP efforts in order to prepare for WIN actions including meetings with the Mayor and Police Chief.  We will work to build relationships and educate within the many Adas communities in order to engage with our members about gun violence prevention efforts that make sense for them and help Adas members keep their homes, families, and communities safe.  We will also reach out to local/national elected officials/staff to gather more information about current gun violence prevention legislation for future action or support and monitoring legislative action.  Each component of our work will include appropriate educational programming including films and speakers.  For more information, contact Lois Fingerhut,  

Poverty/Homelessness/Housing Team (PHH)

We are entering the new year of 5777 committed to addressing the broader causes of homelessness, poverty, and illiteracy, and to fostering equal opportunity for all DC residents.  Our commitment is to community organizing and advocacy and to projects that provide direct service to those in need – the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and the vulnerable.  Over this past year, our team has been developing the community organizing skills necessary to become effective advocates.  We will continue to identify and recruit interested congregants who will train in organizing practice. We are reviewing our direct service projects, deepening and invigorating them and we are reaching out to congregants who are interested in direct service volunteerism.   As a new member of the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN), we are now part of a large inter-faith network of DC area churches, synagogues and mosques.  We will partner with WIN to support and advocate for various campaigns as appropriate to our goals, including the Mayor’s plan to replace DC General Emergency Family Shelter with smaller, dignified short-term housing in all eight wards of the District of Columbia.  Direct service and advocacy efforts are essential aspects of the work we do together.  Contact Jamie Butler, for more information.


Racial Justice Working Group  (RJWG)

The RJWG seeks to encourage deeper understanding of contemporary racism so that we may work to counter racial bias wherever we encounter it. Come join us as we discuss books, movies, and the pathway to a more equitable world, and develop additional opportunities for learning, self-reflection, and action in the coming year. Interested? Contact co-chairs Stephen Horblitt, or Lauren Queen.

Lev B’Lev

Lev B'Lev (LBL, English: Heart to Heart) is a Hesed and Social Action initiative that involves the congregation in extending constructive compassion to people of all faiths targeted with hate and in creating cohesion within the Washington, DC interfaith community on approaches to eradicating hate and replacing it with love and kindness. LBL launches at a time in our country when hate and the response to it is dominating the news. This hate speech has led to protests, deadly violence, and perhaps most ominous, political reactions that could embolden rather than deter those preaching the ugliest forms of divisiveness. Words and actions are having profound, cancerous consequences.  In this climate, cherished civil liberties are at risk; Thomas Jefferson's self-evident truth that all people have unalienable rights to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" has been denied to far too many, including people who are suffering in our own community.   

As Jews, we are all too familiar with this brand of scapegoating which has plagued us throughout our history. We are therefore well-positioned to be leaders in showing heartfelt compassion to those (Jews and non-Jews) who are being targeted and in thwarting the schemes of those who would point an oppressor's finger at them. The empathy we show and the bridges we build will propel us toward a more just world.   

To get involved with our Speaker Series, letter writing, interfaith initiatives and more, please contact Bruce Charendoff, LBL Chair.



Learn More about our projects

Anne Frank House

Click here for the Anne Frank House Website!
Anne Frank House is an independent non-profit with its own Board of Directors, providing permanent housing to individuals in 12 fully-furnished units owned or rented by Anne Frank House.

Anne Frank House is an independent non-profit with its own Board of Directors, providing permanent housing to individuals in 12 fully-furnished units owned or rented by Anne Frank House. Anne Frank House activities are financed by individual donations and grants, with in-kind support from Adas Israel.  Every year in November, the Anne Frank House mini walk helps raise needed funds.

Viewpoint: Anne Frank House is sterling local example
By Current News Staff Writer, Mary Cheh, June 21, 2017

Anne Frank House Recognized for 30 Years of Service
Written by Sue Ducat on 22 June 2017, Kol HaBirah

D.C. Council honors Anne Frank House for its 30th anniversary
June 29, 2017 By Justin Katz, Washington Jewish Week

Sukkot In Spring & Other Yachad Projects

Adas Israel Proudly partners with Yachad DC!
View Photos From Past Events Here
Each year, we assemble teams to renovate homes of area residents who are elderly and frail, disabled, or financially unable to tackle needed repairs on their own. Sukkot In Spring volunteers paint, do yard work; fix windows, leaking roofs, and rotting floors; and tend to inadequate bathrooms and faulty electrical systems.

SOME & Ezra Pantry

Click here for the SOME, INC (So Others Might Eat) Website!

View Photos of Adas Volunteers at SOME, July 29
View Photos From SOME Memorial Day 2016

Throughout the year, Adas Israel collects non-perishable food for distribution to SOME, INC (So Others Might Eat), a nonprofit, interfaith organization. Throughout the year, we also sponsor and serve meals at SOME's dining room as well as collect new and gently used winter coats from November through February. ADAS WILL BE PREPARING BREAKFAST AND LUNCH AT SOME ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: September 3, October 8 and November 12

N Street Village/Luther Place

Click here for the N Street Village Website!
View Photos From Past Events Here

For more than 30 years, Adas Israel has been involved with N Street Village and Luther Place Shelter. Adas volunteers prepare monthly meals for 30 women at the shelter. Volunteers also prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the Luther Place women. We also help prepare and serve Christmas dinner to the women who participate in N Street Village's programs and we sing holiday songs with them.

One Congregation, One Family

Click here for the One Congregation, One Family Website!

In 2015, Adas Israel was the first synagogue to join the Mayor’s Office in a project new to the District to help homeless families get back on their feet and rise up from poverty. One Congregation One Family is an interfaith initiative that matches homeless families entering the Rapid Re-Housing program with volunteer mentoring groups from congregations around the city. Contact Joel Fischman to get involved.

Peoples Congregational United Church of Christ (Peoples Church)

View Photos From Past Events Here.

For 11 years, Adas Israel and Peoples Church have been partnering and “joining hands across the park.”  Each year, we honor the memory and spirit of Martin Luther King with a weekend that features social action partners as guests. We also help members of their Food Pantry with their annual Thanksgiving & Christmas project, packing food bags for distribution to low income residents of DC.

Reading Partners

Click here for the Reading Partners Website!

Adas Israel participates with Reading Partners, a nationwide literacy empowerment program that trains volunteers to provide one-on-one tutoring to children attending under-resourced schools who are struggling with reading. Reading Partners also welcomes new and gently used Kindergarten through third grade level books. Children select and read a book during their tutoring session and then take the book home for a personal library. To become a volunteer with Reading Partners, please CLICK HERE and click on volunteer today or email Lois for more information.

Patricia Handy Place for Women

3rd Sundays from 6:30 – 8pm Register Here

Join YP@AI as we give back to the DC community! Every 3rd Sunday, 8 – 10 volunteers will serve dinner at The Patricia Handy Place for Women, run by N Street Village. N Street Village is one of the top organizations in the District that works with women who have been homeless. Oprah Winfrey recently gave a surprise $1 million to the organization.


Paths of Kindness @ Adas Israel

Garden of the Righteous

Garden RighteousThe Garden of the Righteous Program was initiated in 1992 by Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg to honor non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. The honor takes the form of the dedicating a plaque each year on the Sunday morning closest to Yom HaShoah, dedicated to a particular “Righteous Gentile” in an area near the front of the synagogue known as The Garden of the Righteous. The honoree or, if the honoree is deceased a representative of the honoree’s family or country, receives an engraved memento of the occasion. When possible, the rescued family member or descendent participates in the ceremony. Learn More about our past honorees.


On occasion, as with a prior Bone Marrow Drive, the Social Action Council and the Hesed Committee will work together on a project. The Hesed Committee builds community through acts of loving kindness by reaching out to new members, to congregants who are ill, to new parents and to others to provide meals, visits, calls, or special occasion baskets. You can find more information about the Hesed Committee here.

Tue, November 13 2018 5 Kislev 5779