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Estelle and Melvin Gelman Religious School

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Ma'alot Program

Ma'alot meets on Tuesdays Evenings

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Our Ma’a lot curriculum is a continuation of our educational arc which begins in Pre-K, building on the best practices of the Gan and extends through our life-long learning program.

First Period:

7th grade: One semester of Nevi’im: Stories of the Prophets and one semester of American Jewish History, or Gesher Track (see below for details)

8th grade: One semester of Eastern European History as it shaped the creation of the state of Israel. One semester of History of the State of Israel from its establishment to today

9th grade: A deep dive into life cycle and ritual, engaging ethical questions and looking at the creation of modern ritual.

10th grade: Learning with Rabbi Kerrith Solomon using traditional, modern and unexpected texts to explore identity and relationships with one another, Judaism and the world.

11th and 12th grade: Taught by Dr Guy Ziv, a professor at American University, this class both tackles the current issues of the world through a Jewish lens and prepares students to engage in Jewish life on college campuses.

Second period:

7th through 8th grade have mixed grade electives. Students chose one elective for the Fall Semester and one elective for the Spring Semester. Click here to see this year’s offerings.

10th grade: An exploration intended to allow each student to find their own, authentic relationship to Israel. The students will learn about different facets of Israel, including history and geography, race and ethnicity, religions of the world and the spectrum of Judaism, arts and culture, science and technology, government and politics. Our tenth grade program concludes with the opportunity to participate in the Abe and Minnie Kay Israel Experience, a heavily subsidized two-week travel program.

11th and 12th grade: Project based learning that is designed around each year’s unique interests, passions and skills. These programs are an opportunity for our oldest students to engage with the broader Adas community and to find their place as an emerging adult. In the past these have included partnerships with MakomDC and Sisterhood as well as guest lectures by notable DC Jewish figures.

For our 7th-9th grade students we offer the option of Gesher, a parallel text based learning track. Previous text learning is required. If you have questions about your eligibility please contact Rabbi Kerrith Solomon at To sign up for this option, please choose the grade appropriate Gesher option in the registration form.



Madrichim Program

To apply: 
Fill out the Religious School application or contact Tessa Rudnick.

The Madrichim Program is a core component of our Religious school experience . Our 8th-12th grade students have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in our community by assisting in the Estelle & Melvin Gelman Religious School on Sunday mornings. Our madrichim are partnered with a classroom teacher and have the chance to grow with their students over the course of the year. We ask that students be enrolled in Ma’alot or attend a Jewish Day School. Madrichim have the opportunity to earn service learning hours and after the age of 14 can elect to be paid. For more information, please contact Tessa Rudnick at

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