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This Year's 2018 Kol Haolam Contestants:

Ani V’Ata (New York University)

Ani V'Ata is NYU's premier Jewish a cappella group. Founded in 1996, the group has grown and gained acclaim around the country for their "palpable energy" and showmanship. They have performed on college campuses and toured Jewish communities throughout the Northeast, showcasing their repertoire that combines Jewish, Israeli, and American Pop melodies (sometimes even in the same songs!). They perform at bat and bar mitzvahs as well. They are excited to be a part of Kol Haolam this year!

Member List Marissa Adler, Carly Batt, Molly Chapman, Talia CohenAaron Kahane, Phillip Kenner
Shosh Levitt, Eliran Oz, Ben Rock, Sam Shapiro, Ben Shea, Renee Shohet, Olivia Stein
James Vicari, Mollie Yellin


Chai Notes (Hofstra University)


Hofstra Hillel's Chai Notes is Hofstra University's only community service a cappella group. We specialize in Jewish and secular music and love giving back to the community through acts of kindness and music. We partner with Hillel on Hofstra's campus in order to assist in furthering Hofstra Hillel's goals as a community.

Member List Patty Alzaibak, Jennifer Atkinson, Chris Becker, Katerina Belales, Ben Berman, Amber Clavette, Josh Fenster, Courtney Gallagher, Bianca Gordon, Karrisa Haney, Rayna Jesilyn Pajares Held, Carissa Hensyl, Jacob Mamiye, Max Mogel, Tani Molder, Jake Simonson, Brandon Storey, Julia Wachtel

ChaiTunes (Emory University)

Jewish cultural a cappella group ChaiTunes was founded in 2009 and performs at official school functions and in the local Atlanta community. We pride ourselves on diversity and talent, drawing in students from all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as with differing areas of academic interest. Our members are not only engaged with the Emory community through a cappella, but we actively participate in campus community events and service projects. The group sings an extensive repertoire of songs across all music genres, including secular, traditionally Jewish, and Hebrew songs. ChaiTunes performs at various events on Emory’s campus including First Friday, Barenaked Voices, Best-in-Show, Culture Shock, and semiannual concerts. The group also performs at venues and special events throughout the Greater Atlanta area, including at local Hebrew schools and synagogues.

Member List  Xiaochen Chen, Sahrudh Dharanendra, Julia Dorfman, Sara Frank, Tulasi Kadiyala, David Kulp, Julia Lawrence, Briley Newell, Joshua Perlin, Dom Refuerzo, Jessica Soforenko, Colleen Su, Mark Wang

Hooshir (University of Indiana)

Hooshir is Indiana University's mixed Jewish a cappella group comprised of students from all walks of campus life. Music, business, education, environmental policy, and biology are just a few of the many degrees being pursued by the talented men and women of Hooshir. Rehearsing three times a week, this group learns dozens of songs each academic year and performs at synagogues, festivals, competitions, and both Jewish and secular events around the country. Our repertoire ranges from Jewish sacred music to Israeli pop so American pop music and standards. Hooshir won first place at Kol HaOlam in both 2013 and 2014.

Member List Becca Bloom, Kiehl Carlquist, David Carton, Sarin Elenbogen-Siegel, Eli Gold, Rachel Goodman, Sage Greenstein, Maya Harris, Alex Kopnick, Paige Penry, Jake Williger

Kaskeset (Binghamton University)

Established in 1996, Kaskeset is Binghamton University's only Jewish a cappella group. A student-run organization, Kaskeset consists of members from diverse backgrounds, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Over the past 20 years, we have performed and toured across the country, including in Florida, California, New York, and Chicago. In the past year we performed for the Israeli Ambassador's United Nations Hanukkah reception and the State Department in Washington D.C. We have produced six studio albums and are currently recording our seventh! Kaskeset has won recognition in many a cappella competitions, including 3rd place at Kol Haolam in 2016 and Best Beatboxing at the ICCA in 2010, where we became the first Jewish group to ever advance to the semifinals. With a diverse repertoire consisting of Jewish music as well as Israeli and American pop, Kaskeset's continuing goal is to spread Jewish pride, culture, and music to communities, both locally and internationally.

Member List Allison Abrams, Tamar Ashdot Bari, Daniela Benzaquen, Malka Chu, Tamar Feldman, Ezra Goldmeer, Rachel Greenspan, Max Hersh, Ben Kahn,Talia Laserson, Ari Massias, Lily Rosenbaum, Allen Saltzman, Abigail Spilky, Alison Stiel, Avram Young

Ketzev (Johns Hopkins University)

Founded in 1997, we are Johns Hopkins's only Jewish a cappella group on campus. The name Ketzev comes from the Hebrew word for rhythm. Our repertoire consists of a variety of genres, including original arrangements of American rock, Israeli pop, and American Jewish music. Since our establishment, Ketzev has participated in events such as the Kol Ha'Olam competition (Washington, DC), Perfect Pitch (Highland Park, IL), and the Philadelphia Jewish Collegiate A Cappella Competition. We perform for public and private events, and continue to spread our music around Hopkins and the local Baltimore community.ICCA in 2010, where we became the first Jewish group to ever advance to the semifinals. With a diverse repertoire consisting of Jewish music as well as Israeli and American pop, Kaskeset's continuing goal is to spread Jewish pride, culture, and music to communities, both locally and internationally.

Member List Kaitlyn Avery, Michael Bain, Theo Cooper, Jared Dallas, Rose Gebremedhin, Elizabeth Goldstone, Claire Gorman, Navanka Iyer, Amanda Kaufman, Olatundun Ladele, Mishel Malik, Lakyn Mayo, Michael McEvoy, Denis Jered McInerney, Adriana Medina, Elana Rubin, Melissa Shohet

Kol Sasson (University of Maryland)

Kol Sasson is proud to have participated in the Kol HaOlam Jewish a cappella competition in 2011 and 2012, where we placed second both times. We are returning to the competition this year and have high hopes of winning again. We have also performed for many of America’s leaders, including President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama, and most recently, Hillary Clinton, as well as many prominent members of the Jewish community, including the Joint Distribution Committee’s Centennial Gala, the Jewish Federation of North America’s GA, and the Congressional Hanukkah party at the Library of Congress.

Member List Molly Azrael, Mariel Berlin-Fischler, Tyler Chartash, Sarah Hirsch, Matt Jacobson, Scott Kaplowitz, Leah Schatz, Rachel Slobodien, Rachel Spronz, Sammy Turk Tolub

Mezumenet (University of Maryland)

Mezumenet is the University of Maryland’s only all-female, Jewish, a cappella group. Founded in December 2008 by four young women who studied and sang together in Israel, Mezumenet brings an eclectic mix of music to the Maryland community and to the surrounding areas. The name Mezumenet has two meanings: the first comes from the Hebrew word “to invite,” while the second refers to the prayer that Jewish women recite before the blessing after meals. Mezumenet’s repertoire ranges from traditional Jewish melodies to current Israeli pop and contemporary radio tunes, all rounded out by our unique Mezumenet parodies. Now nine years old, Mezumenet has released two CDs (Mezmerized and Mezzin’ Around) and has just recorded its third CD, Mezcellaneous, this past August, which will be released in December. We are so excited to be back at Kol HaOlam this year!

Member List Jocelyn Broth, Delaney Crabtree, Siri Doddi, Rebecca Elspas, Gabriella Epstein, Dena Fishman, Natalia Jaffee, Jenna Marcus, Miriam Marks, Rachel Shovmer, Pooja Swaminathan, Rachel Zaff

ShireiNU (Northwestern University)


Founded in 2009, ShireiNU is Northwestern’s premier Jewish a cappella group. When not touring and performing in cities like Boston and New York, ShireiNU can be found singing the National Anthem with the Chicago Bulls or competing at Kol Ha’Olam. As a Fiedler Hillel student group, ShireiNU loves to sing at Shabbat dinners and Hillel events – and we especially love eating leftovers from the Hillel kitchen at our late-night rehearsals during the week. Through fun campus performances, ShireiNU enjoys opening up its entirely student-arranged repertoire to both the Jewish and greater-Northwestern communities. At the end of the day, ShireiNU is a group of friends from various walks of life on campus who come together each week to share their love of music!

Member List Samuel Allnutt, Rachel Covey, Charlotte Grimm, Grady Jensen, Josh Krivan, Samantha Max, Nicolas Miller, Sarah O’Brien, Nicole Rinne, Erica Rottenborn, Stefan Schallack, Corey Schwaitzburg, Alex Schwartz

...and special performances by past winners Rak Shalom and Tizmoret!!

Mon, November 19 2018 11 Kislev 5779