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We are generating and collecting Gan staff doing read-alouds and other activities. Check out our two sections below:
For Children and For Parents!

NEW! Gan Staff Matching Game -- can you match the Gan Staff member to their childhood photo?


For Children

We are frequently updating our content! Make sure to scroll down to see new videos from all of our teachers. 


Adas Operations Staff
Charles Mallory, Calvin Casey, Tyrone McCard,
and Steve Clarr

Click here to watch a message from the Operations staff!

Jocelyn Dorfman
Parparim Teacher

The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions 



Tate Sweeney
Dagim Teacher

Click here to celebrate Earth Day with Tate

Laura Vitiello
Aryot Teacher

Click here to read stories with Laura!


Diane Fernheimer
Shualim Teacher

Click here to do an art project with Diane

Ana Valdes
Dubim Teacher

Wash Your Hands


Rabbi Kerrith Solomon
Director of Education

Click here to read a fun Passover story, Another Sheep Turned Up, with Rabbi Kerrith!

Ben Wacks
Aryot Teacher

Click here to sing Ma Nishtanah, the Four Questions with Ben; click here to sing more Passover songs with Ben!


Tsafreyah Patterson
Parot Teacher

I Love You, Daddy

Cantor Ari Brown
Adas Israel's Cantor

Click here to sing the Alef Bet!
Click here to sing Avadim Hayinu with Cantor Ari

Click here to sing more Passover songs with Cantor Ari
For more songs with Cantor Ari, visit our YouTube page!


Kendra Butler
Dagim Teacher

Click here to sing "Old McDonald" with Kendra

LaVonda Butler
Aryot Teacher

The Eye Book


Lauren Chambers-Dennis
Dagim Teacher

I Will Take A Nap

Sarah Attermann
Parparim Teacher

Let My People Go!
Click here for more videos from the Parparim Team


Espy Almeida
Dubim Teacher

Click here to make a card with Espy

Lisa Landy
Tziporim Teacher

Click here to learn about the Passover story


Kristen Russi
D'vorim Teacher

​​Where the Wild Things Are
Thelma the Unicorn
Click here for more videos from the D'vorim Team!

Janet Harari
Kofim Teacher

Goodnight Moon


Noah Hichenberg
Director, Gan HaYeled

Click here to read a note from Noah to Gan students.
Click here to watch Noah read his letter.

Allanah Rocha
Parot Teacher

Click here to learn about composting with Allanah


Carolyn Rogers
Dubim Teacher

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Erin Weisman
Tzabim Teacher



Cantor Arianne Brown
With Special Guest for Shabbat!

Click here to sing "Oseh Shalom" with Cantor Ari
Click here to sing Shabbat songs with Cantor Ari

Jocelyn Dorfman

Wherever You Go
P is for Passover

Click here for more stories from the Parparim Team


Jonathan Both
Shualim Teacher

Madeline, Part 1Madeline, Part 2
Oh the Pets You Can Get

Isabel Barr
Parot Teacher

Llama Destroys the World


Sally Heckleman
Music Specialist

Click here to sing songs with Sally

Rae Brooks
Peelim Teacher

Hello Goodbye Window 
Click here to read two books about baseball with Rae 



Jennifer McMahon
D'vorim Teacher

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
Click here for more videos from the D'vorim Team!

Ben Wacks
Aryot Teacher

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Click here to sing Shabbat songs with Ben

Rabbis Holtzblatt & Alexander
Adas Israel Co-Senior Rabbis

Click here to sing a special Shabbat version of "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" with the rabbis!

Robin Jacobson
Adas Israel's Librarian

King Solomon and the Bee
Library Lion 
For more stories with Robin, visit our YouTube page

Gan Staff Matching Game!
Can you match the member of the Gan Staff to their childhood photo?

Gan Space Teachers 1                             2nd Floor Teachers & Admin
Gan Space Teachers 2                             Ground Floor Teachers 1
Gan Space Teachers 3                             Ground Floor Teachers 2
Gan Space Teachers 4                             Ground Floor Teachers 3



For Parents

From Noah Hichenberg
Director, Gan HaYeled 

Notes from Noah: May 15thApril 27th; April 8th; April 3rd

Open-sourced resources (activity ideas, websites, and other links) for parents and children.

An archived note from Noah on why boredom is OK for children.

"Teaching Writing" at home, a guide for parents.


From Stephanie Slater
Director of Early Childhood Development & Family Support

Email Stephanie

Supporting Your Child's Social Emotional Development at Home -- a webinar hosted by Stephanie on April 23rd. (Click here for the slides used in the webinar.) 

Click here to read "My Days Feel Different Now," a great story to share with your kids about change and why things feel a little off -- for the time being.

Click here to sign up for virtual "office hours" with Stephanie.

A friendly message to parents: Take ten minutes to turn off the news, and get on the floor and play with your child. You have the perfect distraction in front of you!

As we continue to grapple with a worrisome and frustrating time, our patience will undoubtedly be challenged. The joy of parenting can start to feel, well, joy-less. Setting yourself up in a way that limits stress and chaos could make a difficult period of time more manageable and even enjoyable. Consider these three words as you prepare for the weeks ahead: Routine, Ritual, and Predictability.

Click For Daily Schedule (Older Child)
Click For Daily Schedule (Younger Child)
Click for Cut Out Pictures - Create Your Own Schedule


From Darci Lewis
Assistant Director & Curriculum Specialist
Email Darci

As we look ahead to the coming weeks, we will have lots of home time for children and families. Here are a few ways you can set yourself up for success--keeping your children engaged, exploring, and allowing you to enjoy time at home and with your child.

Click Here For Ten Tips For At-Home Play!


From Megan Soe
Office Manager
Email Megan

Need help with Zoom? See below for Zoom how-to videos created by Megan:
Join a Zoom meeting on a computer
Join a Zoom meeting on a tablet

Join a Zoom meeting on a smartphone
Host a Zoom meeting on a computer
Host a Zoom meeting on a tablet
Host a Zoom meeting on a smartphone
Zoom breakout rooms tutorial




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