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This season in the Biran Beit Midrash we will spend our months Reclaiming The Religious Heart.


What does it mean to be as inclusive as God would want us to be? Is there a Jewish ethic for healthy disagreement? Does our tradition offer us insight into how our eyes and ears can be extensions of God’s love in the world? Are boundaries still relevant in our world, and if so, who decides which ones, and how are those decisions made? In other words, we’re going to get to the heart of religious life this year. 

Though Judaism provides a depth and beauty for meaningful life that we at Adas Israel strive to present, too often our religious tradition is hijacked by polarized discourse. But we know deep down that our unique and  grounded vision of Torah asks us to look beyond the binary in search of a robust, dynamic, and holistic religious experience, one that respects and celebrates the edges, but also prides itself on exploring the textured chasm between them.


Click below to learn more about our month's themes & schedules!


About the Schedule:


Week 1: Open

The first Tuesday of the month will offer an Open Beit Midrash, a place to sit across the table from fellow seekers and explore the rich, sophisticated, sacred texts that have animated our people for so many years. We’ll question together, grapple together, and passionately talk through the uplifting and challenging ideas these ancient and modern texts provide. These sessions will be led by the Adas Israel clergy, along with Rabbi Elianna Yolkut.

Week 2: Scholar

The second Tuesday of the month will offer a keynote experience, featuring a dynamic scholar and master-teacher to explore the month’s topic. Be prepared to have your mind expanded as the texts covered in the first week will be given new meaning and further depth.

Week 3: Experience

The third Tuesday of the month will offer exploration of our texts as well, but this time our hands will be the primary avenue for engagement. We’re going to transform the Biran Beit Midrash into an experiential extravaganza. You’ll paint, sing, write, and learn communication skills that will transform the way in which you access Torah in your life.


One Sunday morning a month, join Rabbi Steinlauf in the Biran Beit Midrash for an in-depth learning session, using the month’s theme as a catalyst to go deeper into various critical Jewish texts and concepts. Sessions will take place in the Biran Beit Midrash. For the full schedule, please view Ongoing Learning.


On four Shabbatot over the course of the year, (3rd Saturdays) Rabbi Alexander will give a text-based class, after kiddush in the BBM, using halakhah (Jewish life and living) as a prism with which to access our monthly topic. This year we will also be continuing our Mendelson Shabbat scholar series after kiddush. Please keep an eye out for the upcoming scholars and dates TBA.



Thu, April 19 2018 4 Iyyar 5778