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High Holy Days 5782, Shana Tova!

Please view the 11-slide overview above for a snapshot of our community's holiday plans.

• Health & Safety Protocols
• Complete Schedule of Services 

Service Location Map and Entrance Guidance


Complete Guide: 2021 High Holy Days

Worship with us in-person, or via Livestream. We will welcome one another; we will inspire one another; we will protect one another. #WeCanDoThis

• Complete Health and Safety Protocols
Printable Schedule of Services 
• 2021 Full High Holy Day Booklet
• Parking/Shuttle, Accessibility & General Info



The Adas Fund 2021

This year, we honor the incredible work of our Gan faculty, who have nurtured our community’s children and their families in so many extraordinary ways through this past year, and beyond. Contribute Today!



HHD Prep and Service Experiences

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Each session offered this High Holy Day season will unpack and build upon the essential Days of Awe and prepare us to bring our full selves to Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.



High Holy Day Volunteer & Greet

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If you would like to do more than attend services this year, consider participating as a volunteer! Every year a dedicated group of members volunteer as ushers and greeters.



Youth & Families Services

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We are blessed to have so many families in our community. Each one is unique. And we celebrate our similarities and our differences as we come together to mark sacred time.



Sukkot / Simchat Torah

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Hag HaSukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, reminds us of the huts (sukkot) in which our ancestors dwelt in the desert for forty years on their way to the Promised Land. 



Livestream High Holy Day Services

Livestream players will appear on this page day of services
In addition to in-person services, all services and programs will be available via a high-quality livestream experience. All delivered with the quality and thought you have come to expect from our incredible Team Adas.


A Message from our Senior Rabbis

For six acts does a person gain not only the fruits of it in this world, but the principle
endures for her in the world to come: 1) hospitality to guests, 2) visiting the sick, 3) introspective depth in prayer, 4) being early to the study house, 5) raising children to the study of Torah, and 6) giving one’s fellow the benefit of the doubt.
~ (Tractate Shabbat, 127a)

We can’t imagine a more apt text for capturing the past year and half in Jewish practice. We’ve endured, with significant loss and grief, one of the most challenging events of our lifetimes. And, we’ve witnessed unpredictable acts of resilience, care, love, and dedication. When our sages identified these sacred actions as pathways to eternity, they intuited and outlined how our tradition beautifully guides us. Look at the list again. We visited one another. We called. We comforted. We extended that which was ours to our neighbors. We prayed together, albeit differently. We learned more and more Torah.

At Adas we saw the best in each other.

These words are embedded in every siddur to be recited before the service formally begins—a constant reminder that at its core, Judaism’s most foundational acts point us toward one another when it matters most. So now as we prepare to greet one another in person and reenter our physical space, let’s embed these words, these deeds, into our hearts and hands as we begin the next chapter of our community’s life together.

It’s morning, and that’s good. So very good.

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782